About Us

 YES! Education drives opportunity.

But many talented people —students and workers — are an opportunity away from reaching their full potential.  

And it is either one of two things:

It is either they’ve been robbed of their dream careers because they don’t have access to quality, affordable education or the funds to afford one.  

If you’re in either of these positions, Acadanow should be your regular visit —your one-stop scholarship application system.

About Us

Acadanow is a non-profit education community that connects students to college successfully and unlocks opportunity doors for workers looking forward to securing a job aboard.

And we’re changing the game for students!!!

Every day, we mow the bushy lawn and expand the gates for Nigerian students to access higher education within and outside the country.  

We serve hundreds of International Scholarship programs daily on your table to feast on. That way, we can lift half the burden off your shoulders. 

You don’t need to search, filter, or pull out thousands of logs. Enter your information and hit the search button to match hundreds of eligible scholarships. 

And suppose you’re looking for schooling in the country. In that case, we also give up-to-the-minutes educational updates about universities, polytechnics, and colleges —from admission forms, lists, courses and degrees available, and general knowledge about each school. 

Aside from that, we scavenge for tiny pieces of information that can be helpful to students, like: 

  • Tips for passing exams
  • How to stay healthy in exam season
  • How to cure ulcers (students suffer from ulcers a lot)
  • Strong ways to overcome depression 2022
  • Surviving first year at the university
  •  And even tips on easily traveling abroad from Nigeria and many more.

Who Are We & What Is Our Mission??

We are pioneers of scholars from some of the most renowned universities in and out of the country with different backgrounds and skill sets. 

But we have our commitment to making education possible for every student in common.

That is why we created Acadanow in the first place; most of us had it tough in school. 

So, we want to be a reliable source of relief from the dreaded application process. We put you on the fast track to success by providing DIRECT access to the most scholarships, admissions, and jobs you need. 

Eliminate the stress and anxiety of paying for college so you can focus solely on your studies with the little you have.

And regardless of how much education you crave, we have the opportunities you seek.

You can also view all the scholarships that have been reviewed, approved, declined, or are pending and know which you should apply for first.

Then all you need is to fill out a single form and let the magic work!

And Why Trust Us?

Using our area of expertise to fuel Acadanow, you’re SURE getting expert advice. This narrows the window for scholarship scams and improves your chances of getting funding for school.

So breathe! 

You’re in safe hands. All things are 100% authentic here. 

We have our ends, so you can feel comfortable putting your information on our friendly Service.