Ajayi Crowther University (ACU) Collection Of Statement Of Result

Every candidate you submitted an examination entry received a Statement of Results. Statements of Results include a list of each syllabus a candidate submitted and the grades given for each syllabus.


The following documents must be tendered by graduating students before they can collect their statement of results from the academic office.

  1. Original Clearance Certificate
  2. Student ID card
  3. Original O’Level certificate must include at least five (5) credit passes in English, Mathematics, and three other relevant subjects of discipline or as stipulated in the admission requirements on entry into the University.


Statement of result includes all the courses the student has chosen, from 100 level (first year) to the fourth year, with the accompanying marks and grades.

The student’s department and college cross-check it, but the registrar does not sign and stamp it. It’s free. To obtain a statement of results, no letter is necessary.

Students must go with all the essential documents (listed above) to collect their statement of result.

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