Best Tips For College Survival With No Or Little Cash

So many people desire to join college or university to advance their education. However, due to their background, most of them find it hard. Therefore, you will find so many people who have never made it to college.

On the other hand, this is not supposed to be the case. You can join college and get a degree without having lots of money. You may only have enough money to cover your school fees but nothing more.

In some other cases, you can have less than the fees required for a college degree, but you do not have to give up. This article will show you different ways to survive college life without having to carry money. You will realize it is even easier than you expect it to be.

Here are the Best Tips For College Survival With No Or Little Cash;

Always Try and Find a Scholarship

Scholarships are nowadays all over. Some of them are full-sponsorship, while others are partial. However, in some cases, the scholarships only support a few students.

If you can apply to as many scholarship positions as you come across, you can land into one. If you get a scholarship, it can help you cover your fee arrears, or you can save on your fees and spend it on your survival.

Always Find Cheap Eateries

Meals while at school is somewhat expensive, especially in places around the colleges. Prices tend to be higher because many think students have lots of cash.

Try to look for cheaper places to eat while trying to survive, lest you find yourself in a bankrupt state. If you can also partner with your friends and eat together in the house, it will be cheaper than purchasing food in cafes.

Find a Part-Time Job

Depending on your origin or college location, it is possible to find people who hire others for small tasks and get paid.

If you can find a job, you won’t be struggling with college life anytime. You can also land jobs online that can sustain you while at college.

Here Are Some Jobs You Can Do While at College:

Part-time Tutoring

Many parents always need people who can coach their children at home. You can also find grown-ups who want to catch up with the current education system and may want to hire somebody for the same.

Paid Internships

Some companies pay for an internship. If you can find one that is in line with your course of study, you can arrange with them so that you attend work part-time and continue with schooling. This way, you can make some cash to sustain yourself.

Finding Part-time Jobs Online

The Internet is a good source of income. Actually, if you want to survive college life and do not have much money, this is the avenue to follow.

Some people can support themselves while also paying college fees by working online. There are different jobs one can do online to earn a living. Here are a few examples.

Article Writing

If you have a passion for writing, you can search online for writing jobs. You can find good writing jobs on iWriter, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. Article writing is a good source of part-time income since content marketing is in great demand these days.


This is another easy task you can do and get paid for it. If you can listen to audio or watch videos and type what you hear, this can keep you going while at college.

The best websites are and GoTranscript. Recently, GoTranscript has increased the amount of money they pay the transcribers. 

Graphic Design

If you are good at computer applications, this is another easy job. You need to be creative and design amazing graphics for your clients, and you will be glad.

The amount you can make from such a job if you find clients is enough to enable you to survive college life for a long.


There are several things you can do to survive in college. These are just but a few things you can do. You can always be sure that life at college is never tough anymore.

And we hope you found these tips useful!

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