Bowen University Convocation Ceremony Schedule

This article is intended to inform all Bowen University Iwo graduates and their parents/guardians of the convocation details.

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Date: Saturday, 6th November 2024.
Time: 9:00 am.
Venue: University Worship Centre, Bowen University, Iwo.

Code of Conduct for the Convocation of Bowen University

  • Throughout Convocation, all graduates are expected to uphold a high level of personal integrity.
  • Any act of immoral behavior, indecent attire, disorderliness, or contempt for University norms and regulations at Convocation shall be regarded by the University as a serious offense punishable by stiff punishment.

Dress Code

  • Graduands are advised to dress decently and graciously during Convocation.
  • Female graduates are not allowed to wear low-cut gowns, outfits that don’t completely cover their shoulders and armpits, or trousers.
  • Skirts must not be slit above the knee.
  • In other words, it is completely illegal to wear anything that does not adhere to Christian virtues and standards.
  • Male graduates are required to wear formal attire.
  • Graduands must make sure that their academic hoods, gowns, and hats are worn properly.

All graduates are encouraged to ensure the aforementioned rules are followed for their benefit.


By attending this event, you will not only be part of a memorable occasion but also have the opportunity to witness future leaders, innovators, and professionals as they take the next step in their academic and professional journeys.

Don’t miss this exciting event, and share this information with your friends.

Congratulation to all convoking.

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