Bayero University Kano (BUK) Part-Time Degree School Fees Schedule for 2024/2025 Academic Session

buk part-time admission form

This is to notify the student community that the management of Bayero University, Kano (BUK), School of Continuing Education, has released the amount payable as school fees by the part-time undergraduates for the 2018/2019 academic session.

BUK Part-Time Degree School Fees Schedule

BUK School of Continuing Education Undergraduate Fresh Students School Fees Schedule.

S/NProgramGeneral Charges(Fresh)TuitionTOTAL PAYABLE (Fresh)
1B.A. (Ed) Adult Education₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
2B.A. (Ed) Arabic₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
3B.A. (Ed) English₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
4B.A. (Ed) Hausa₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
5B.A. (Ed) History₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
6B.A. (Ed) Islamic Studies₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
7B.A. (Ed) Library Science₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
8B.A. (Ed) Special Education₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
9B.A. Arabic₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
10B.A. English₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
11B.A. Hausa₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
12B.A. Islamic Studies₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
13B. Nursing Science₦30,000₦100,000₦130,000
14B.Sc. (Ed) Economics₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
15B.Sc. (Ed) Geography₦35,000₦50,000₦85,000
16B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
17B.Sc. Accounting₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
18B.Sc. Banking and Finance₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
19B.Sc. Business Administration₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
20B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
21B.Sc. Economics₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
22B.Sc. Geography₦35,000₦50,000₦85,000
23B.Sc. Health Education₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
24B.Sc. International Relations₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000
25B.Sc. Mathematics₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
26B.Sc. Public Administration₦30,000₦50,000₦80,000

BUK School of Continuing Education Undergraduate Returning Students School Fees Schedule.

S/NProgrammeGeneral Charges(Returning)TuitionTotal Payable (Returning)
1B.A. (Ed) Adult Education₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
2B.A. (Ed) Arabic₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
3B.A. (Ed) English₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
4B.A. (Ed) Hausa₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
5B.A. (Ed) History₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
6B.A. (Ed) Islamic Studies₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
7B.A. (Ed) Library Science₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
8B.A. (Ed) Special Education₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
9B.A. Arabic₦24,000₦50,000₦74,000
10B.A. English₦24,000₦50,000₦74,000
11B.A. Hausa₦24,000₦50,000₦74,000
12B.A. Islamic Studies₦24,000₦50,000₦74,000
13B. Nursing Science₦27,000₦100,000₦127,000
14B.Sc. (Ed) Economics₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
15B.Sc. (Ed) Geography₦32,000₦50,000₦82,000
16B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
17B.Sc. Accounting₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
18B.Sc. Banking and Finance₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
19B.Sc. Business Administration₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
20B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
21B.Sc. Economics₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
22B.Sc. Geography₦32,000₦50,000₦82,000
23B.Sc. Health Education₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
24B.Sc. International Relations₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000
25B.Sc. Mathematics₦24,000₦50,000₦74,000
26B.Sc. Public Administration₦27,000₦50,000₦77,000


This is the Part-time Degree school fees schedule of Bayero University Kano for the 2024/2025 academic session.

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