Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic (BUPOLY) Admission Form For 2024/2025 Academic Session

In the heart of Hadejia, Jigawa State, lies the reputable Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic (BUPOLY), an institution that stands as a beacon for academic excellence.


For those seeking to further their education, BUPOLY has opened its gates for the 2024/2025 academic session, presenting various programs tailored to diverse academic ambitions.

Programs Offered at BUPOLY for 2024/2025

For the forthcoming academic year, BUPOLY is proud to announce its array of courses, which include:

  • Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • PRE-Higher National Diploma (PRE-HND)
  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Part-Time Programmes

Each of these programs, meticulously designed, encapsulates the essence of the comprehensive courses provided by the Polytechnic.

The Application Process: A Step-by-step Guide

Nurturing dreams and shaping futures, BUPOLY has streamlined its application process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for aspiring candidates.

Initiating Your Application Journey

  • Begin at the official portal: BUPOLY Admissions.
  • Opt for a new application prominently located atop the page.
  • Furnish the form with the requisite applicant details.
  • Use your phone number for the Username and Password, then log in.

Navigating the Welcome Page

Upon successful login, a friendly welcome page materializes.
Here, peruse the drop-down menu to earmark your specific application type.

Deciphering the Payment Mechanism

Two predominant avenues await Online Payment and Bank Payment.

Embarking on Online Payment

Register your email address, choose your preferred payment avenue (such as Verve MasterCard), and ensure the accuracy of the details provided.
Once assured, click “I accept” to progress.

Populate the required card details and confirm with “ok” to authorize payment.
A form, available post-Remita verification, allows candidates to input further details.

Venturing into Bank Payment

Register your email, earmarking’ bank branch’ as your payment preference.
Generate the necessary invoice and go to the bank for the transaction.

With payment done, note the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) and enter it on the portal.

After Remita’s verification, a comprehensive form awaits completion.

Points to Ponder

It is paramount to ensure the completeness and accuracy of all details before finalizing the application on the declaration page.

For future reference or to ascertain the application status, one can always log back in and click ‘Admission status.’

BUPOLY prioritizes transparency and will not be liable for applications marred by inaccuracies or incomplete information.

By following this guide meticulously, students stand at the threshold of an enriching academic experience at Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic. It’s more than just an institution; it’s a journey of discovery, growth, and potential.


BUPOLY 2024/2025 admission process offers aspiring students a chance to chase a career in the desired sector.

Apply now to secure your place in this esteemed institution’s various graduate and Certificate programs.

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