BUTH, School of Nursing, Ogbomoso CBT Entrance Examination Dates and Examination Slip Reprint Procedures

The School of Nursing at Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH), Ogbomoso, brings to the attention of all aspirants an important announcement regarding the upcoming CBT Entrance Examination.


This examination forms an integral part of the admission process, and all candidates are urged to take note.

CBT Entrance Examination Schedule

Candidates are informed that the CBT Entrance Examination will be conducted on June 24th, 26th, and 27th, 2024.

This examination provides a platform for aspirants to demonstrate their commitment and academic preparedness for the prestigious nursing program.

Examination Slip Reprint

To ascertain the specific date allocated for your CBT examination, candidates are advised to log into their portals.

Once logged in, candidates should proceed to reprint their examination slips. This slip contains the exact date of the CBT examination for each candidate.

Remember that the CBT Entrance Examination will be exclusively held at the School of Nursing, Bowen University Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso.

The management of BUTH, Ogbomoso, wishes all candidates the best of luck in their examination and encourages diligent preparation.

For further enquiries, please feel free to send an email to system_admin@buth.edu.ng.


The BUTH School of Nursing examination serves not only as a test of knowledge but also as an opportunity to display your passion and commitment to the nursing profession.

Remember, the journey to a successful nursing career starts with one important step. Make it count!

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