CHSTNguru Launches Summer Semester for Final Year Students

CHSTNguru is excited to launch a brand-new initiative to support final-year students’ academic performance.


The institution has chosen to hold a summer semester (third semester) for all students in their final year in recognition that some students may have missed previous classes or those who have finished their regular course length.

This opportunity enables students to clear their backlog courses and proceed smoothly with their academic journey.

Commencement of Registration

The Registration for this special semester commences on the 8th of June and will run through till the 16th of June, 2024.

This gives students approximately a week to complete their registration process and confirm their participation this summer semester.

Registration Fees and Procedure

The registration fee per subject is Five Thousand Naira (N5,000) only. All payments should be made at the College Bursary department.

Upon making the necessary payments, a course registration form will be issued to all students.

This form can be obtained from the Academic Secretary’s Office upon presentation of evidence of payment.

Subsequently, students are expected to present their completed registration forms to their respective departments for final processing and course enrolment.

Refresher Classes Announcement

To assist students in their preparation for this semester, the college has organized a three-week refresher course. The classes are slated to take place from the 19th of June to the 10th of July 2024.

These classes are designed to provide a comprehensive review of course materials, ensuring that all students are adequately prepared for the upcoming semester.

All students registered for the summer semester are highly encouraged to partake in these refresher courses to maximize their chances of success in their backlog courses.

The initiative taken by CHSTNguru is commendable and sets a good precedent for other institutions.


This initiative showcases CHSTNguru commitment to providing students with opportunities to excel academically.

By providing this summer semester and refresher classes, the college demonstrates its dedication to enhancing the academic experience of its students.

Final-year students are encouraged to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to clear their backlog courses and advance their academic journey.

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