Top 10 Companies to Work For in Nigeria 2024

This report ranks companies in Nigeria based on job satisfaction, employee happiness, career growth prospects, work-life balance, and other relevant metrics as voted for by employees and career professionals.

Companies to Work For in Nigeria

Below are the top ten companies to work for in Nigeria:

Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)

The pioneer and industry titan in Nigeria’s petroleum sector is the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC). It produces about 39% of the nation’s oil from the greatest acreage in the country.

Shell Nigeria, one of the oldest in the oil and gas industry, provides its employees with an engaging and dynamic work environment that fosters personal growth.


One of Nigeria’s biggest investors and one of the country’s largest oil producers is Chevron.

For the onshore and offshore assets in the Niger Delta region, they collaborate with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in Nigeria.


The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) is a for-profit oil corporation in Nigeria.

Formerly a government-owned corporation, it was transformed from a corporation to a limited liability company in July 2022.

The NNPC is the only licensed entity in the country’s petroleum industry. It partners with foreign oil companies to exploit Nigeria’s fossil fuel resources.


MTN had 280 million users as of December 2020, ranking it the eighth-largest mobile network operator globally and the biggest in Africa.

The corporation, which operates in more than 20 nations, generates one-third of its income in Nigeria, with a market share of roughly 35%.

MTN Nigeria is a fun place to work with lots of prospects for professional growth. The functional teams and individuals are very collaborative, and there are always new projects to work on.

Nestlé Nigeria

Nestle Nigeria Plc is a Nigeria-based food manufacturing and marketing company. Purified water is one of the food products that the company manufactures, markets, and distributes across the nation.

Some of its products are also exported to nations inside and outside Africa.

Nigerian Civil Service

Employees in Nigerian government departments other than the military and police make up the civil service.

In Nigerian ministries, most staff are career civil officials who advance based on credentials and seniority.


One of the seven supermajor oil companies, TotalEnergies SE, is a French multinational integrated energy and petroleum company established in 1924.

Its operations span the whole oil and gas value chain, from the exploration and extraction of crude oil and natural gas through the creation of electricity, the movement of petroleum products across international borders, and the marketing of those products.

It was listed as the 29th-largest public firm in the world in the 2020 Forbes Global 2000 and was furthermore listed as the 25th-largest company overall on the Fortune Global 500.

Dangote Group

The company was established in 1981 as a trading corporation that imported products for the Nigerian market, including rice, sugar, cement, fisheries, and other consumer items.

Dangote Group is one of the biggest conglomerates on the African continent and the biggest in West Africa. More than 30,000 employees worked for the company, with revenue of more than US$4.1 billion in 2017.

In its half-year (H1) unaudited financial statement for the period ended June 30, 2022, Dangote Cement Plc recently recorded a 17% increase in revenue to N808.04 billion, up from the N690.55 billion reported in the same period of 2021.

Nigeria Breweries

Nigeria’s largest brewing company is Nigerian Breweries Plc. It serves West Africa and the Nigerian market.

All items are now offered in cans, and most products are packaged in recyclable bottles. In P.E.T bottles, Fayrouz, Maltina, and Amstel Malta are also made.

The Company produces a wide range of beers, such as Star Lager, Gulder Lager beer, Legend Extra Stout, Heineken Lager, Tiger Premium Lager Beer, and many more.


The oil corporation ExxonMobil has three subsidiaries in Nigeria. One of those subsidiaries is ExxonMobil Nigeria. It started running in 1955. Its operations are entirely offshore, with 90 platforms spread across 3,200 square kilometers of land.

Mobil is marketed globally and is renowned for its performance and inventiveness. Mobil is well known for its cutting-edge technologies in fuels, lubricants, and services.

Exxon’s June 30, 2022, revenue was $364.932B, an increase of 66.16% from the previous year.


Finding the greatest jobs in Nigeria is not always simple. The companies on the above list can provide their employees with a high standard of living, high salaries, access to healthcare, and job security.

The companies come from various Nigerian industries, including oil and gas and multinational corporations. We trust that all Nigerians looking for a job in the country will find this post to be informative.

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