How to Calculate CRUTECH Post UTME/ Aggregate Score 2024/2025

You may get the data you need to compute the overall CRUTECH score in this post.

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Numerous students need help calculating their overall scores because the institution has a clear cutoff point.

What Is Post UTME Score 

The exam body establishes a specific mark after each UTME exercise, such as 120. A candidate must obtain or surpass this score to be eligible to take the POST UTME exam at the selected school.

All institutions are informed of this score to choose how many applicants to accept.

Following the school’s decision, they announced a mark that cannot be less than the mark the UTME body determined.

Any candidate who exceeds the UTME body’s mark but falls short of the school’s cutoff mark is NEVER qualified to take the school’s examination.

What is Aggregate Score? 

The score obtained by combining two or more grades is called the aggregate score. The threshold for admission to each program is established using the total score.

It is generated by calculating students’ average scores from their UTME and Post UTME results. The performance of all applicants who applied for that course will be used to establish the cutoff points for each course.

How to Calculate CRUTECH Aggregate Score 

You need to be aware of your Post UTME and JAMB scores to determine the CRUTECH Aggregate Score.

Knowing that the JAMB Examination carries 400 points while the CRUTECH Post-UTME only carries 100 points would help you calculate your overall score appropriately.

  • Divide your JAMB score by 8,
  •  Divide your Post UTME score by 2,
  • Add up the result
  • Consider Treasure, who scored 240 on the JAMB and 60 on the post-UTME. Her overall score can be calculated as follows: 240 divided by 8 is 30, and 60 divided by 2 equals 30. Treasure’s overall score is 30+30, which equals 60.


An important stage in the admissions process for all courses at the institution is calculating your CRUTECH aggregate score.

To increase your chances of being accepted into your choice of institution, giving the application process your all is crucial.

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