20 Daily Income Business in Nigeria You Should Try

Are you in search of a proven daily income business in Nigeria? In this article, I will show you 20 proven daily-income businesses in Nigeria that could make you money if you try!

1. Barbershop

Almost every male in Nigeria visits a barbershop at least once a week, either to get his beard shaved or his hair cut for N300 or N1000, depending on the locality.

Not only do men go to the barbershop to have their hair dyed or trimmed, but ladies do as well.

2. Car Washing Service

Car washing is another profitable company that can make you money daily. It is easy and affordable to erect.

3. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

A laundry service business can, without a doubt, bring you money daily. Depending on the area.

4. Establish a Point-of-Sale Payments Service

POS Payment Services is the next business on our list of viable daily income businesses in Nigeria.

The POS company comes in handy where there are no banks or only a few ATMs, as you may conduct e-payments for customers who cannot go to the bank due to long lines or a lack of ATMs.

5. Sports Observation Centers

Imagine how much money you could make by building a sports-watching centre where people can see their favourite teams play.

6. Betting Shop

In Nigeria, starting a betting store is also a popular daily income business.

7. Makeup Studio

This is another daily income business in Nigeria. At the initial stage, you might not necessarily need a shop to begin.

You can advertise your expertise on social media, and you will be shocked at the number of calls you receive.

8. Freelance Writing

This is one of Nigeria’s best daily income businesses anyone can venture into.

It is a less-capital-intensive business, and all that is required is great and professional writing skills to be able to write for sites

9. Okirika (OK) Clothes and Shoe Business

If you observe intently, you will realize that a very limited number of people patronize Okrika sellers due to their inability to afford expensive clothes and shoes.

There will always be a crowd where good clothes and shoes are offered, so why not consider this because it is inexpensive to start, and you can make money daily?

10. Food Vendor 

In Nigeria, the restaurant business is one of the most profitable daily income businesses.

It is very simple and inexpensive to get started. Imagine spending N5,000 to make a pot of soup using garri and making an additional N4,000 or more in after-sales.

11. Plantain Chips Business

Take a walk down the street, and you’ll notice a variety of brands of plantain chips on sale, all of which are selling out quickly.

So, suppose you can handle production and shipping to retailers and distributors. In that case, you’ll be able to earn a solid living every day.

13. Cell Phone Add-Ons

Phone accessories such as chargers and earpieces are in high demand and are almost always a daily source of income.

Phones are one of the most popular items in Nigeria. We notice that many are selling their old phones to purchase new ones.

14. Laptop and its Components

Another everyday source of income is the sale of laptops and their accessories.

15. Poultry farming 

Poultry farming has become one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria, not just for farmers but for anyone willing to learn the trade.

16. Bakery Company

As you are probably aware, the greatest product to deal with is in high demand in the market, and bread is one of these things.

Bread sales provide daily revenue.

17. Business of Transportation

Transportation is, without a doubt, one of Nigeria’s most profitable daily revenue businesses.

18. Shoemakers

Shoe polishing and repairing is a regular source of income for many Nigerians, particularly in the north.

20. Working in a Restaurant

Yes, people who work in a restaurant earn money daily.


It’s one thing to have the funds to start a business; it’s quite another to know what line of business to go into.

So, with these daily income businesses in Nigeria to make the money described above, I am confident that they will assist you in deciding which business is best for you and your area. Best of luck with your new venture!

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