Dirt Bike Mechanic Near Me in The US

Dirt bikes are a type of non-street-legal motorcycle that lack road-safe equipment.

They are short of lights, brakes, and mirrors that they can have for dual-sport, but if you look up, you do not need to get a special license.

They are fitted with small engines, small electric tanks, and sturdy suspension to help you fly over jumping, and move on a path that has little impact on your spine or bones.

They even come in a small 50cc size for younger riders to learn.

Different Types of Dirt Bikes

There are 8 different types of dirt bikes and while they share the same general idea, they all have different specialties when it comes to what kind of riding you are about to do.

1. Flat Track

The flat track bikes are made to run fast and do not slip on a dirt road and look like a cross between a motocross bike and a big bike.

Flat track bikes are usually decorated with parts that enhance the performance of high-speed running skills

2. Hill Climb Dirt

Hill riding bikes look different from any other mentioned bikes.

It has an extended swing arm so that it does not turn when climbing hills.

The rear wheel usually has very large pull knots, and the frame is also easy to move.

3. Supermoto

Supermoto bikes are unique in that they have all the basic features of dirt, but they also have smooth road tires.

supermoto bikes are used to run on dirt and/or asphalt tracks and are usually flat.

4. Trail Bike

A trail bike is designed for special races where the rider has to demonstrate his ability to control the bike through obstacles without touching the ground with their feet.

A trail event includes natural obstacles that the riders navigate through such as boulders, streams, and even waterfalls.

Not to be confused with a pedestrian bike. The trail bike is used to test the skill and ability of the rider.

There is no seat on it, the bike has a small gas tank, and the frame is light enough to move.

Many enduro riders have used trail bikes along the tracks to train.

5. Dual Sport

Dual-sports bikes are the best in both worlds. If you are looking for a street-legal bike on the road, you can ride, but you also want to get off the road and get some fun time during your journey.

They have all the motorcycle components, including headlights, a larger gas tank, and a larger engine size.

They behave in the same way as regular road bikes but have good off-road capability, which makes them ideal for both midweek and weekend getaways.

Dual-sport bikes are friendly to different levels of skill as they are lightweight, have good balance, and are not very strong. It has a longer seat height than a trail bike to see the road better.

Examples of dual sport bikes:

ModelEngineFuel TankWeight
Yamaha XT250249 cc2.6 gal291 lbs
Kawasaki KLX300292 cc2.0 gal302 lbs
Honda CRF450RL449 cc2.0 gal291 lbs

6. Enduro

Enduro bikes are similar to motocross and trail bikes because they are designed for distance, speed, and rough terrain.

Bikes are made to deal with elements such as water, rocks, and woody areas.

They have other advanced performance technology to handle difficult tasks such as climbing hills or fallen trees.

The engine size for a single-cylinder is 2-stroke between 125cc and 360cc, or 4-stroke between 195cc and 650cc.

Big engine size does not always mean better performance for enduro bikes.

Enduro bikes are equipped with high-end suspension features to help absorb the impact of enduro course conditions.

It is designed to take a beating with protective hardware around the engine.

A lightweight frame brings the total weight of enduro bikes to around 230 to 260 pounds.

Examples of enduro dirt bikes:

ModelEngineFuel TankWeight
Yamaha WR450F450 cc2.2 gal262 lbs
KTM 300 EXC TPI300 cc2.4 gal228 lbs
Husqvarna TE 300i300 cc2.2 gal235 lbs

7. Trail

These are the most popular dirtbikes in the block – Trail dirtbikes

They have a larger gas tank than motocross and are designed for medium to long distances.

A trail dirt bike engine can vary from 125cc to 350cc.

A trail bike is a cheap, lightweight bicycle designed to ride on trails.

The trail bike is acceptable for beginners and easy to maintain.

It is also less expensive because it is minimalistic regarding technology and features.

Examples of a trail bike include:

ModelEngineFuel TankWeight
Honda Trail 125 ABS125 cc1.4 gal259 lbs
Yamaha TT-R230223 cc2.1 gal251 lbs
Kawasaki KLX300R292 cc2.1 gal282 lbs

8. Motocross

Motocross dirtbikes are considered high-performance due to their bigger engine size and modification to the frame because of the jumps and corners, which can be hard on other types of dirt bikes.

A motocross engine can vary from 125cc to 450cc. 

Since motocross bikes are designed for short day races, they usually have no lights.

However, lights can be installed if you plan to travel at night.

Due to the short duration of the motocross racing, the bikes are not designed to be as comfortable as other bikes.

They also have smaller fuel tanks than Enduro bikes.

Despite the amazing capabilities of these dirtbikes (Motocross, Trails, Enduro, Daul-sport, Supermoto, Flat track, Hill climb dirt, Trail.), just like other automobiles, they can also go bad.

Here are some dirtbike mechanics near you where you can fix your bike easily, particularly if you stay in the US.

Examples of motocross bikes:

ModelEngineFuel TankWeight
Honda CRF250R249 cc1.7 gal229
KTM 450 SX-F450 cc1.9 gal228
Yamaha YZ450F450 cc1.6 gal245

Dirt Bike Mechanic Near Me in The US

  • Yahoo MotorSports – 1821 W Hubbard St, UNIT 207, Chicago, IL USA
  • 2strokebullyking Performance -5600 Mason Rd College Park, Georgia, USA
  • CayloR-Made Motorsports – 1541 Rosewood Cir SE Marietta, Georgia, USA
  • Chicken Little Scooters & ATV’s – 670 Roswell St Marietta, Georgia, USA
  • Mega Helmets and Motorcycles – 4767 Memorial Dr Decatur, Georgia, USA
  • Superior Motorsports – 6479 Bells Ferry Rd Woodstock, Georgia, USA
  • KC Engineering – 689 Harrison St San Francisco, California, USA
  • Motorfast Motorcycles Repair – 11 S Railroad Ave San Mateo, California, USA
  • EBR Performance – 220 W Main St League City, Texas, USA
  • Honda Of Houston – 10039 Huffmeister Rd Houston, Texas, USA
  • Sugarland Power Sports – 9908 S Hwy 6 Sugar Land, Texas, USA
  • Team Mancuso Powersports South – 4801 Gulf Fwy La Marque, Texas, USA
  • Arizona Motorcycle – 1060 W Broadway Rd Mesa, Arizona, USA
  • Steve’s Cycles & Off-Road – 2217 E Main St Mesa, Arizona, USA
  • Aeo Powersports – 19205 N 83rd Ave Ste 105 Peoria, Arizona, USA
  • Powersports 360 – 1001 Sprowl Rd Huron, Ohio, USA
  • Mobile Cycle Works – 108 E High St Ashley, Ohio, USA
  • Brooklyn Mayd Powersports – 857 Broadway Bushwick, New York, USA
  • Motorcycle Mall – 655 Washington Ave Belleville, New York, USA

FAQs on Dirt Bike

Where to Ride a Dirt Bike?

Depending on your state, there are special tracks and areas for dirt bike riding, usually with jumps and obstacles to help build riding skills (and give some thrills.)

Again, you have to check your state laws, but usually, you can rip around the property that is not private or residential.

We suggest a simple search online to find the best place to ride and check it out alone or with a few friends.

What is Motocross?

Motocross is an outdoor sport where riders race their dirtbikes over tough terrain on a 1 to 3-mile track with jumps and other obstacles.

The indoor version of motocross is called supercross.

These sports require training and skill because of the constantly changing track conditions. 

What are the Types of Dirt Bike Riders?

 Just like with motorcycle riders, there isn’t one type of person that enjoys riding dirt bikes.

Many motorcycle riders started on dirt bikes as children on smaller bikes with smaller ccs.

Dirt biker riders can range from casual riders to professional motocross racers.


You should have no problem repairing your dirt bike if you live in the USA.

Leave us a comment via the comment box if you need more dirt bike mechanics in other US states.

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