Do You Really Know Your Family – Game Review

Do you really know your family game is exciting to play with family and friends? You may have heard a thing or two about this controversial game.

Well, here’s an honest review and every other detail you need to know about this family game

Do you really know your family? If you think you do, get set to play this game with your family to see who knows each other best.

Playing this game helps create beautiful family memories as you answer exciting questions and perform silly tasks together.

Aside from being hilarious, Do you know your family game helps strengthen family bonds? Even after spending decades with your family, you may not know certain things about them unless you ask questions. Now, this is where this family game comes in.

All You Should Know About Family Games

Here are the important things you should know about this family game.

  1. It is a challenging game for the family, but friends can play as well.
  2. This game can be played by adults, teens, and children of 8 years and above
  3. It is easy to learn and play
  4. It contains up to 200 trivia cards and silly challenge tasks
  5. Up to 12 people can play it.
  6. Being visually impaired is not a limitation to playing this game.

How To Play: Do You Really Know Your Family Game

If you’re unfamiliar with this game, you may wonder how it is played. The instructions on how this game is played are clearly outlined in the pack. It is one of the easiest games to play!

Here are the instructions for playing the do you really know your family game

The youngest person in the family starts the game, then the rest of the players take turns moving clockwise. The following rules should be followed based on the card type drawn to see who gets to keep the card.

Note that the first person to collect 15 cards wins the game.

Rules For The Trivia Cards

  • Whoever drew the card thinks of their answer first before reading the trivia card aloud.
  • The first person to guess the answer keeps the card.
  • If no one guesses correctly, the reader will give hints so that someone can get the answer.
  • In a situation where multiple persons guess correctly, the reader has the right to pick who keeps the card.

Here are some of the questions on the Trivia Cards

  • Where would I love to go for our next family vacation?
  • What is my favorite pizza topping?
  • What are my least favorite house chores?
  • How many hours a day do I spend on my phone?
  • What is my favorite restaurant to go to together as a family?
  • What do I complain about the most?

Rules for the challenge:

  • Whoever drew the card reads the challenge aloud.
  • Anybody that successfully completes the challenge keeps the card.
  • If nobody accepts or completes the challenge, the card should be discarded.

Here are some of the challenges you should expect from this game

  • Make an impression of one of your relatives. The first person to correctly guess who keeps the card
  • Tell a joke; if anyone laughs or chuckles, you get to keep the card.

Do You Really Know Your Family Game Review

Here are some of the reviews we retrieved across the web. We were careful not to include suspicious reviews that looked sponsored or fake.


” My family had a great time playing this game.”

Reviewed in the US on January 3, 2022

                            Hopey Kel

“Don’t waste your money! It is not worth the hype. I found so many of the tasks really dumb and boring. I returned it and got my money back. How does one even play this silly game with their family.”

Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2022

                        Tamara P

“I just got this game. Played it once with my sisters, and we laughed so much. Looking forward to playing with my parents.”

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 24, 2021

What We Think About This Game

Honestly, this game is fun to play, and it is great for family game nights. But we wish there were more cards and challenges in the pack.

Do not expect many challenging tasks because most tasks in this game are quite easy and conventional, except for a few.

However, the main objective of the game—which is to help family members get to know some silly details about each other—can be achieved by playing this game.

Have You Played This Game Before?

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