EKSU Payment Procedure | How to Confirm Payment

The Management of Ekiti State University (EKSU) has published the procedure for all students of the university to confirm their payment on the university’s portal.


How to Confirm EKSU Payment

  • Visit the school’s portal.
  • Click on “student login.”
  • Input your registration/matric number as username and your chosen password (Please note that “password1” is the default password, which you are supposed to change after the login)
  • Click on “Fees” on your dashboard.
  • Click on “Fees payment.”
  • Click on “confirmation payment.”
  • Input your payment RRR in the correct format without hyphens or gaps e.g
    230172002001 (correct)
    2301-7200-2001 (wrong)
    2301 7200 2001 (wrong)
  • Proceed to your course registration.


The procedure for the confirmation of payment set up by the management of Ekiti State Univeristy (EKSU) is a very simple one.

Make sure you use the link in this article to confirm your payment. Share this article with your friends. Cheers.

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