FAMSAS College of Health Sciences and Technology, Keffi Admission List, Batch A and B

FAMSAS College of Health Sciences and Technology, Keffi, is pleased to announce the release of the Batch A and B admission lists to the general public.

These lists encompass the names of successful candidates who have been granted admission into the various professional programs offered at the College for the 2024/2025 academic session.

Guidelines on How to Verify Admission Status

Determining whether one has been admitted is quite a straightforward process. To confirm your admission status, adhere to the following uncomplicated steps:

Visit the Official Admission Lists: Access the official Facebook posts, which encompass the names of the successful candidates.

Search for Your Name: Scan the released lists to locate your name among successful candidates.

Registration and Admission Letters

The deadline for registration and the printing of admission letters is slated for 2 October 2024, with all activities to be carried out on the school portal.

Consequently, students who have been newly admitted are kindly requested to log into the College’s portal using their respective details provided below:

Username: Card Number
Default Password: password

Successful candidates may access the College’s portal directly via the FAMSAS College of Health Portal.

Key Notes and Timelines

  • Admission Lists Release: Batch A & B lists for the 2024/2025 academic session are now accessible.
  • Registration Deadline: All newly admitted students should complete their registration and print their admission letters by 2nd October 2024.
  • Portal Access: The College’s portal can access all admission-related activities and inquiries.

FAMSAS College of Health Sciences and Technology, Keffi, extends its warm congratulations to all successful candidates who have earned a place in the various professional programs for the upcoming academic session.


Achieving admission marks the initial step into the expansive and captivating domain of health sciences and technology, offering opportunities for learning, growth, and substantial contributions to the field.

We extend a warm welcome to you on this profound journey of learning and discovery at FAMSAS College of Health Sciences and Technology, Keffi!

All admitted students are encouraged to adhere to the specified guidelines and timelines to facilitate a seamless transition into the College’s enriching academic environment.

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