How Much is Forensic Psychiatrist Salary

This article addresses the question: How much is a Forensic Psychiatrist’s salary? 

But before we get into that, we need to understand that The Forensic Psychiatrist is an expert in mental illness combined with the understanding of Forensic science and the mind of a criminal. 

The foundation for this career in Forensic psychiatry is mastery of psychopathology and the law.

As a Forensic Psychiatrist, you can work in prisons, secure hospitals, or as a consultant for law enforcement agencies. 

Forensic Psychiatrist Salary and Job Description

In the hospital, the goal of a Forensic Psychiatrist is usually to diagnose and treat patients, but they may also assist with emergencies. They may have a caseload of up to 15 patients.

This is one of the reasons why forensic psychiatrist salary is high in hospitals.

If a person is accused of an offence and a Forensic Psychiatrist declares that mental disorder was a reason for the crime, such an offender may be moved out of the criminal system into a mental health facility. 

A Forensic psychiatrist further investigates if the patient is at risk to themselves and others.

Let’s dive into the question: How much is a Forensic Psychiatrist’s salary?

Forensic Psychiatrist Salary | How much does a Forensic Psychiatrist Earn?

We have scanned multiple local databases of current jobs in America to get an estimated monthly Forensic Psychiatrist salary.

In the United States of America, the average forensic psychiatrist’s salary as of February 2022 is $15,579 per month. 

A Forensic Psychiatrist can make more than the average nationwide monthly salary. A local Forensic Psychiatrist close to you can make an average of $15,948 per month. 

However, depending on the experience, skills, location, and organization they work with, some Forensic Psychiatrists may earn up to $31,083 or as low as $2,207 monthly.

Ten highest Paying Cities for Forensic Psychiatrist Jobs

Here are the ten cities offering the highest forensic psychiatrist salary.

City                         Annual Salary    Hourly Wage

Lakes, AK                  $218,494          $103.56

San Francisco, CA    $217,609           $103.14

Santa Clara, CA        $213,099           $101.93

Washington, DC        $212,210           $101.54

Los Angeles, CA        $207,780          $101.37

Fremont, CA              $206,450           $101.22

Jersey City, NJ           $207,055          $98.07

Green River, WY        $204,007          $97.56

San Buenaventura,    $205,001          $97.56

San Jose, CA             $204,897          $97.51

It is usually difficult to get a forensic psychiatrist job in Lakes, AK, because of the market trend for Forensic Psychiatrist jobs in the area.

However, there are always a lot of economic opportunities to explore when you change location as a Forensic Psychiatrist to any of the cities listed above.

Moreso, consider the cost of living in these cities before deciding.

Educational Requirements for Forensic Psychiatrist Jobs

A medical degree is needed for Forensic Psychiatrist education. It would help start by earning an undergraduate degree from the pre-med or sciences to prepare you for medical school. 

It is good to seek an internship to have practical experience. 

Medical school takes four years; you must learn courses and participate in clinical rotations. 

Then you will need to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination. When you pass this examination, you will be ready for a four-year residency in psychiatry, where you will treat patients under the supervision and guidance of teaching physicians.

Lastly, to become a specialist, you must complete a two-year fellowship.

If the forensic psychiatrist salary is not good enough for you, here are five jobs closely related to the Forensic Psychiatrist job. 

With these jobs, you may earn more than the average Forensic Psychiatrist’s salary. 

They include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Part-Time Psychiatrist
  • Physician Psychiatrist.  
  • General Psychiatrist    
  • Adult Psychiatrist 

To make more money in these jobs, you may also need to get the basic certifications that qualify you as a Forensic Psychiatrist.

Job Title                     Annual Salary   Hourly Wage

Psychiatrist                    $276,474        $128.11

Part-Time Psychiatrist    $266,768       $126.81

Physician Psychiatrist    $265,909      $123.03

General Psychiatrist       $256,176       $121.72

Adult Psychiatrist            $254,439        $121.72


We have concluded our forensic psychiatrist salary article, and we believe we’ve done justice to the topic by outlining many things that pertain to the above topic.

We also think this article is helpful and informative; kindly share your thoughts in the comments below.

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