Top 10 Furry Art Websites 2024

Furry art is a term used to describe attributing human characteristics to non-human beings. The concept is called Anthropomorphism. To be more explicit, it is used to describe half-human, half-animal characters.

Those that create furry art are called furry artists/anthro artists, while those who write furry fiction are called furry witters/writers.

10 Furry Art Websites


This social art gallery website serves the furry fandom and the broader online artistic community. Majorly for artists, musicians, writers, and so on to share their works with other artists.

These sites enable users to upload reference sheets of their original characters and fursonas using character submission. These kinds of submissions differ from the rest in that the index biographical information and a physical description of the character are specified.

Submission can be organized into user-defined folders optionally, with a particular root folder as the default location. A feature known as collections permit users to display artwork created by another artist on their profile page by posting the link to the original submission in their gallery.

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The site features a complete user community system used as a kind of collaborative flyer. Users can join groups (which possibly have integrated forums and web chatrooms) that cover particular subject matters.

Users may use established features like a personal watchlist for searching for new content.

It is also possible that they construct a collaborative set of favorites within groups permitting people who join the group instant access to browsing a human-maintained gallery of contents matching the group’s topic.

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Furry Network

This is an online community that allows users to have favorites and promote submissions.

-hu0oThe site is focused on promoting art and creative works within the furry fandom. The site also gives room to watch avatars, submissions and watches from one’s Fur Affinity account.

Also, the sites permit users to create multiple character profiles in one account. The users are permitted to group their submissions into folders. However, currently, a subscription isn’t allowed.

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Fur Affinity

Also called FA is the largest furry online community, created in 2005 by Alkora as an alternative to the various art community sites like DeviantArt and Sheetzart.

The site is distinct in that it permits artistic freedom of expression regardless of content rating. Dragoneer is leading it.

The site intends to promote community through a comments system and individual journals. FA community allows users to track new updates from another artist, highlights favorite, and upload different varieties of artworks.

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This site has been a significant roleplay hub for non-furries. Many people often mistake ‘F-list’ for ‘furry list,’ which isn’t. ‘F-list’ connotes ‘Fetish-list,’ and it’s a directory of characters with paraphilia associated with them for roleplay.

The sites allow communication between members through ‘notes’ or chat services that the sites provide for their members.

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This is an online browser-based pet game that features furry villagers. Furvilla is made with panties that players use to personalize their villagers. To upload painting costs; 250 Furdollars, which is equivalent to $2.50

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Inkbunny is created to help artists with sharing and selling their works. It welcomes furry of different fields, fetishes, and philias.

The sites promote only positive and productive conversations between members. Any destructive users are banned from commenting or contacting them.

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Telegram Furlist

This site majorly is dedicated to enlisting furry groups for cloud-based instant messenger telegram. It allows both the SFW and NSFW groups to be enlisted. It enables people to list their groups utilizing their FurlistBot and Telegram bit.

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Reddit; Subreddit

Furry Reddit or subreddit, is a furry community created by users. Reddit is basically to discuss relevant Information and media regarding the furry fandom.

The subreddit was created in 2008 by a user called Corbin Fox. As of October 2018, more than 61000 users, popularly called Redditfur, are subscribed to the Subreddit.

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Kenket, also known as Tess Garman, is an artist whose work appeared in cricket magazines, regional publications, Tv shows stacked, etc.

Her artworks often depict ravens, tigers, coyotes, and dogs. She worked in collaboration with Black Teagan, a freelance Illustrator.

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We have made a list of 10 furry websites. What is your favorite furry website? Let us know in the comment section below.

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