10+ High Paying Computer Engineering Internships in 2024

Computer Engineers are among the most sought professionals in today’s job market. Their line of work cuts across all sectors, giving them a wide range of options.

For freshly graduated students, this might not be the case. Most employers prefer experienced specialists and give little or no care to raising professionals from students.

Internship programs provide a solution to this. They offer newcomers an opportunity to work for them while learning on the job. This article will walk you through 10 high-paying computer engineering internships.

Top 10 High Paying Computer Engineering Internships

Here is a list of high paying computer engineering internships and their incentives.

Apple Internship

For graduates, Apple is one of the best places to intern at. You have several program options like machine learning, engineering, UI, data analysis, etc.

Besides, Apple organises a summer internship or co-op during the academic year. Interns can also get access to work on some exclusive projects and processes.


Linkedin is a social media giant, and they’re glad to accommodate ambitious students as interns in their reputable company.

The company divides its internship program into technical, business, and creative branches. The duration of internship practice depends on the specialisation.


Airbnb is a fast-growing and promising company that offers newbies the chance to intern at their firm.

Young Computer Science and IT specialists and students can take a chance in annual internship programs.


An internship at Facebook is seen as the Holy Grail, and rightly so.

The leading social network is looking for bachelor’s, master’s, and graduate students who would like to join one of over 60 internship positions.

The most popular areas include data analysis, design, software engineering and computer security. Programs last a minimum of 12 weeks.


IBM is one of the companies where internships have become an annual tradition. In addition, they offer several development programs for IT students and students of other specialisations.

Depending on the program, you will spend 8 to 12 weeks developing your skills and experience. Interns work in groups and individually and collaborate with tutors.


The leading American telecommunications, networking hardware, and software company offer one of the widest choices of internships.

Cisco International Internship Program (CIIP) includes dozens of options for American and international students.


One of the world’s best research centres offers an annual summer internship program for bachelor’s and master’s students.

It is a two-month program that welcomes students of Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics.


Intel has always played an active role in future specialists’ development.

They recruit undergraduate and graduate-level students and provide them with temporary positions. Interns receive a salary and get a chance to collaborate with experienced specialists.


Microsoft offers various internship opportunities to computer engineering students.

This is an excellent opportunity for fresh graduates to have an experience in the technology industry while collaborating and contributing to complete projects.


Google provides one of the most famous and valuable internship programs for IT students. Programs take about 12-16 weeks, but there are also more long-term options.

In addition to working on real IT projects, students will participate in numerous educational events like lectures, master classes, etc.


As you can see, there are several high paying computer engineering internships out there. And only a fraction of them have been mentioned here.

Which of these programs do you feel is best for you? We’ll love to hear your answers in the comment section below.

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