How do you Work Abroad Without Experience

Finding a job abroad can be easier than getting a job at home, even if you want to work abroad without experience. 

The good news is that finding work abroad can often be more accessible than finding work at home. This is especially true for people without work experience in the United States.

work abroad
work abroad

These five steps will help you to become a broad-minded, motivated, and ultimately desired candidate. So how do you get to work abroad without experience?

How do you Work Abroad Without Experience

Receive a Certificate to Work Abroad Without Experience

OK, there is no certification for working abroad without experience. However, if you feel certified to do something, you will get much more satisfaction.

These certifications give you an advantage over everyone; often, they do not take much effort. Even if your qualification is not accepted in the country you are travelling to, it proves – without a reasonable doubt – that you know what you are doing.

Many directly available jobs abroad are openings for English teachers because the use of the English language is increasingly common worldwide.

About 375 million people speak English worldwide, and there are more than 50 English-speaking countries where English is the official or primary language.

This means that for native English speakers, it is fairly easy to get around in most corners of the world. For non-English speakers, knowledge of the language is a coveted skill.

Although it can help you find a job, you do not have to be a teacher or have a diploma to teach English lessons abroad. What you need, however, are some qualifications to give English as a second language (ESL).

The two most popular ESL qualifications:

TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) certificate

CELTA (certificate in English language teaching to adults)

First, Consider Volunteering

You may not have paid experience yet, but having some experience is hugely beneficial. Voluntary work proves, for example, that you are a hard worker who wants to work in any area in which you want to work voluntarily because you have spent your free time without compensation.

There is a wealth of volunteer work available at home and abroad. And the fact that you want to work abroad without experience is often entirely good because you will not get paid. They can not be too picky, right?

You can register before you travel or go to your interesting destination and volunteer there. If you choose to do the latter, you even have the option to go up. You could eventually go from a volunteer to a paid employee.

Most volunteer programs pick you up, set you up, and feed you; usually, you have to cover the costs to get there. Travel and medical insurance are often additional bonuses, plus support from on-site staff. Through programs such as Go Overseas, Go Abroad, Projects Abroad, and Cross-Cultural Solutions, you can sort your many options by country, price, or cause.

Keep an Open Mind

Beggars can not be choosers.

Okay, maybe you’re not begging for a job as attractive as living abroad. But if you are completely interested, you still have to keep open to the available jobs because what matters is that you try to find work abroad without experience.

A lack of experience inevitably limits your possibilities because you may not be able to get a job in some specialized robots for building a field, curing pandemic diseases or filing taxes on people (because you understand how to do that, even with experience!).

But your lack of experience does not make finding a job impossible. You only need to be open to different types of work.

Many directly available jobs abroad are part-time performances such as youth hostels (usually also in exchange for free accommodation), handicrafts such as agriculture in Costa Rica, serving or bartending in Australia, care in Italy or running tours or adventurous excursions in Thailand.

The most popular overseas jobs, according to Go Overseas, include teaching English, supporting a family as an au pair, WWOOF-ing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), a network that allows independent farms to welcome foreign workers in exchange for food and accommodation ), to promote tourism as a hostel worker and to work as a freelancer in one way or another.

Make Yourself Easy to Hire

The job application process for many jobs can be exhausting and often long. You may have to take several interviews because the job is abroad. Therefore, your employers will not necessarily meet you personally before they hand over the task to you.

They want to make sure that they hire someone they can trust to do the job and do it right, but they will have to build that trust virtually, which takes more time and effort.

You can make this process easier for them by having all your documents ready before they are applied – this indicates that you are both prepared and eager to work.

If you have not received your passport yet, it is the first thing you purchase. You forget to go abroad without work because you do not even get it on an aeroplane!

You also need to ensure that you have the qualifications required by the job and all certificates to prove those qualifications are ready.

Take Advantage of your Social Networks

Social networks are called social networks – they exist to connect people. Use network sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. You can contact personnel managers or people who have worked abroad where you want to work. Then they might recommend you.

You can also join Facebook groups for specific niches in certain regions (such as bartenders in Melbourne and jobs in Queenstown, NZ). Use these groups to help yourself find work by letting people know you are coming and looking for work.

Many of these groups are intended solely to help people find work and help managers find employees.

If you act professionally and persist, you will find work abroad without experience. And you work your way up if it is not your desired job. Keep an open mind and stay confident; you can travel around the world and make money while doing it.


In short, working abroad can be one of the most rewarding endeavours you may ever embark upon. But there’s more to it than just being willing to move – you will have to put in the legwork and take the necessary steps to realize lifelong goals. And if you’re willing to do that, it is within reach!

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