Salaries: How Much Does Kohl’s Pay

Salaries: How Much Does Kohl's Pay

Kohl’s is apparently the largest departmental store chain in the United States, with more than a thousand stores in 49 states, excluding Hawaii.

As the largest retail store known for clothing, home goods, and customer satisfaction, how much does Kohl’s pay its employees?

This article will tell you all you need to know about the payment structure of America’s largest retailer-Kohl’s.

How Much Does Kohl’s Pay?

The payment structure at Kohl’s Corporation depends on the department and job title.

The average salary of employees at Kohl’s ranges from $19,000 per year for Service Associates to $159,983 per year for Senior Designers.

The average hourly pay at Kohl’s ranges from approximately $8.47 per hour for Customer Service/Sales Representatives to $22.17 per hour for Apparel Associates.

Average Salaries at Kohl’s

Popular RolesRetailSales
Sales Associate
$10.76 per hour
Retail Sales Associate
$11.10 per hour
Beauty Consultant
$12.36 per hour
Development Operations Engineer
$143,311 per year
$10.65 per hour
Sales Representative
$11.71 per hour
Software Engineer
$125,249 per year
$9.73 per hour
Sales Manager
$13.93 per hour

The actual range of these positions is shown below;

Sales Associate$8 – $14
Retail Sales Associate$9 – $15
Cashier$8 – $13
Customer Service Associate$8 – $14
Operations Supervisor$11 – $22
Retail Associate$9 – $15
Visual Merchandiser$11 – $18

Does Kohl’s Pay Weekly?

Kohl’s has a pay policy of paying their employees every week. The payroll date starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, and the paycheck gets issued to the employees on Friday.

How Often Do You Get Pay Raises at Kohl’s?

Reports from former employees at Kohl’s show that they often receive pay raises annually.


The pay at Khol’s is quite fair. Go ahead and drop that application letter for your desired position.

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