How to Avoid Randy Lecturers In School For Your Academic Excellency

Students join the university or college to achieve their desired grades for a better tomorrow. For the majority, without good grades, life after school can be a nightmare.

It is for the same reason that you will find that they struggle day and night to ensure they get the time to prepare for their examinations.

Even with all your determination, you will have to deal with huge obstacles on campus. In the present world, everything looks awkward and absurd. Today’s real monster in universities is the immoral behavior among the students and staff.

The loose morals among the lecturers and the students have led to the failure of many students.

The results of the same are the lack of employment after school. In the end, people end up in more poverty and crime. There is also the risk of infections while on campus.

Here Are The Simple Tips To Help You Come Out From Campus Without Falling Prey Of Those Randy Lecturers.

Focus on What Brought You to the Campus

The best way to avoid all the Randy Lecturers is to stay focused. Understand that you came to the university to study. That should be the number one plan in your daily life on campus. When you wake up, whatever you do, think about your destiny.

When you stay focused, you will always work toward your goal. Whatever you do, you will be targeting to become the hero or heroine your family and society have been hoping for in you.

You will never have the time to entertain the immoral behaviors of your lecturers in that college.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

It is not vain when you hear, “Bad company corrupts good character.” This statement is very true even to the core. When you choose friends to keep close to yourself, you choose a brighter or dull future.

With the type of friends you have, your life will change dramatically. Whatever they do close to you or tell you has a lot of influence on your life.

It is wise to have friends with the same goals as yours, to pass your exams and go out there to change society.

You can spend your free time with friends discussing the issues that directly impact your lives as students, tackling the assignments together, or even going for research. You will never have the time to hang out with your lecturers.

Invest Your Spare Time Positively

Do you have some surplus time after classes and assignments? At this point, you must be sure you do the right thing.

When you want to avoid the evil character of the lecturers in the university, you should not allow your mind to start roaming. You know very well that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

When you have some spare time, engage in extracurricular activities. It can be sports or anything, but it has to add value to your life.

You can also use this time to come up with ideas and plans to raise some cash to keep you through college life and prepare for your life afterwards.

Never Give the Devil a Chance

When you know what you want, you will work for it. Grades are necessary for any graduate to get a job. However, you cannot cheat and get grades from your randy lecturer and expect the best.

Whenever you feel like you cannot manage it, work hard for it. Nothing comes on a silver platter.

You must also avoid loitering around and getting too close to your lecturers beyond the limits.

These behaviors allow the evil desire to begin working, and eventually, you might find yourself in a bad situation. It is ideal for keeping off anything that seems suspicious.


We help all Students find this article helpful and will take advantage of the tips mentioned above on how to avoid Randy Lecturers in school.

We wish all students Goodluck and Success in their academic pursuits.

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