How To Check My First Bank Account Number 2024 Update

Sometimes, it occurs that a person forgets or doesn’t know at all his account numbers offhand.


But what if you didn’t save it on your phone? Well, this article will tell you exactly how to know or get your account number quickly and easily.

For most of these methods to work, you must have your phone with you, so make sure you have your phone around. How To Check Your First Bank Account Number;

Many Nigerians use multiple accounts and tend to forget their account numbers, and it is not a crime. Here are steps to check the First bank account number;

How to Check My First Bank Account Number

There are many methods of checking your account number as a customer in this bank, especially if you have forgotten it.

1) Using a First Bank USSD code

Using your registered bank account number, dial *894*00#.

Your account number will be displayed.

2) Contacting a First Bank Nigeria Customer Care agent

Contact a First Bank Nigeria Customer Care representative.

Provide him/her with the following information;   Full name,  phone number linked with the account, Next of kin,    Date of birth, Bank branch you registered your account and home address. The agent can tell you your account number if the information provided is correct.

3) You can as well visit the First Bank Nigeria branch

Visit any First Bank Nigeria branch near you and approach a customer care agent.

Like the above step, visit the bank with the following information: Full name, Phone number linked with the account,  Next of kin, Date of birth, Bank branch you registered your account in, and Home address.

The Customer care agent will be able to give you the account number.


So there you have it. If you are stuck with memorizing your account number, you don’t have to be anymore.

Following these simple steps listed above would definitely help you obtain your First bank account number on the go whenever you need it.

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