How to Link NIN to 9mobile 

The Nigerian government has made it compulsory that all citizens must link their national identity number (NIN) to their networks.

The federal government has mandated the Nigeria communications commission (NCC) to ensure that all active sims are registered and linked to a national identity number. Failure to do so leads to the deactivation of the sim card.

Because of the traffic caused by the critical linkage of NIN to sim cards, various outlets have been set up all across Nigeria for easy access to registration and linkage.

To avoid your 9mobile line getting banned, or in a case where it’s already banned, you could follow the Information provided in this article on how to link NIN to 9mobile to resolve it.

How to Register for NIN

The national identity number is found on your national identity card.

The national identity number is a unique 11 digits number issued to everyone who has successfully registered for a national identity card.

Here is a quick guide on how to get your NIN;

  • To get your NIN, visit any government-accredited centers
  • manually fill out the form with the required details and give it to the service operator to input into the system.
  • Wait for your NIN issuance.
  • You can also visit the NIMC portal to fill out the NIMC pre-enrolment form, download and print the slip, submit your application at the nearest NIMC registration center, and await issuance.

There are different methods on how to link your NIN to your 9mobile lines, such as;

  • Using USSD code
  • Or visit the 9Mobile NIN portal

Link NIN to 9mobile Sim Using USSD Code

  • Dial *200*8#
  • You will be provided with a box to fill in your NIN number.
  • Submit and wait for feedback.

Link NIN to 9mobile Using 9mobile NIN Portal

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Verify & link NIN now” icon.
  • Then fill in your name, NIN, and phone number.

Other Options for Retrieval of NIN

  • Download the NIMC mobile app and follow the guidelines.
  • Go to any registration center to print the NIN slip.
  • Visit NIMC online website, put in your details, and print the slip.
  • Call customer care lines to provide you with your NIN details.


If you have registered and can’t remember your NIN, Dial *346#

This is the general code for anyone wanting to retrieve their NIN regardless of the network used.

Dial *346#

And press 1 for a retrieval option as long as the number you are using is linked to your BVN.

Press 2 for a NIN search. If the number you use is not linked to your BVN, you must provide other Information, like your name and BVN, to retrieve your NIN.


Can I Link My NIN to Another Person’s Sim?

The national communication commission has warned telecom subscribers not to allow their national identification number (NIN) to be linked to another user. It is bad for one’s security.

Can Nigerians Who Live Abroad Register and Link Their NIN To Their Sims?

NIMC has licensed foreign enrolment partners for Nigerians living in the diaspora.

Is NIN Automatically Allocated To BVN Holders, or Do I Need To Register for NIN Separately Even Though I Have My BVN?

BVN holders are advised to dial *346# to their registered sim to check if they have been allocated a NIN.
However, it is advised you verify and validate any NIN gotten through BVN by the national identity management commission(NIMC)


It would help if you took the necessary measures to link your NIN to your 9mobile line to avoid getting banned. This article provides easy steps to follow to achieve the linkage process.

If you found this article helpful, kindly share it with others who might need help linking their lines to their NIN.

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