How to Make Money in UK Schools

Owing to the high quality of the education system in the UK and its development, many students like taking courses there. Many students planning to travel to the UK for studies always ask if there are any ways to make money in the UK while still studying.

I have outlined some of the easiest ways to make money as a UK student to answer the question. One thing to remember, though, is that even if I have used the word “easy,” it does not simply come.

You need to put some effort into getting the money rolling. In most cases, you will not be required to submit your CV or go for an interview to begin making money. That is why “easy” is applicable. Now, let us see how you can make money in the UK.

1. Be a Professional Photographer and Sell Your Photos

If you are good at shooting photos, you can make some earnings from your hobby. Instead of just taking photos and deleting or pinning them on your wall, you can turn them into a sideline business to sustain you as you study in the UK.

Whether you use a professional camera or a smartphone does not matter. All that matters is that your photos are clean and of good quality.

Many people and companies will be ready to buy your shots for their businesses. If you are not good at taking photos, you better find something else or learn until you are comfortable doing something good.

You have to understand that the photos you sell will not violate any privacy rules and copyrights. You can use services like Fotolia and iStock to reach your potential image buyers worldwide.

2. Become a Flyering Agent

Many businesses and companies in the UK use flyers and brochures to advertise their business. They are always looking for people to hire to distribute the flyers to passers-by for brand awareness.

If you are willing to stand outside to give people the flyers, you can be a good fit for some of these businesses.

The disadvantage of this job is that sometimes you have to work under unfavorable conditions. You might also get bored as there is nothing new to learn or improve from the job besides handing out pieces of paper.

You can search for advertisements for Flyering jobs on job boards like

3. Reselling Hotel Tickets

During festival seasons and vacations, people flock to different cities to eat out, rest, and much more. When you are strategic enough, you can tell when people tend to flock to any of the cities you live in the UK.

You will then need to go around some hotels and hostels for rental tickets. Later, you can sell them to the visitors at a higher price when the rooms get congested.

This method can help you make money in the UK. However, it requires you to do a lot. It will be a perfect option if you can raise funds to prepay for the rooms.

Some hotels may deny your offer of bringing in new guests to the rooms you book. The program will only work when there are many people, and then they can find enough space.

4. Rent Out Your Property

Do you have some extra stuff around that you do not use? Some people are ready to make use of them for exchange in cash. The gadgets that are mostly in demand include computers and smartphones.

Students who have had theirs damaged might want to hire yours to help them complete some tasks or assignments. This is a great way to make money in UK schools. The only problem is whether you have the devices in demand.


When studying in UK schools, you need to be creative to make money in the UK. There are no shortcuts. Going for official jobs is the toughest option, especially for students and foreigners. Using the available resources and your creativity, you are good to go as far as making money is concerned.

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