Detailed Update on How to Obtain Dubai Study Visa

As UAE ranked first in the Arab countries, studying in UAE will undoubtedly broaden your horizon and open more opportunities for your future.

In short, studying abroad in the UAE is an excellent opportunity to develop yourself and help you achieve better results after completing your degree.

You will be able to meet various people from different cultures and share their experiences. You will also live in a country with a developed technological infrastructure, a luxurious lifestyle, and high living standards.

Therefore, if you are considering studying abroad, do not hesitate to choose UAE to start your wonderful journey of accomplishment!

Hopefully, by reading this article carefully, you will get important information about getting a Dubai Study Visa.

Cost of UAE Study Visa

This section makes known the cost of Student Residence Application fees

Short Entry (visit) Visa: Dhs 500 (1 month)

Long Entry (visit) Visa: Dhs 1,000 (3 months)

Entry Visa for Study: Dhs 1,000

Renewal of Study Visa: Dhs 500


A student’s visa is for a university or a college student studying in the UAE. It is issued to expatriate students residing in the UAE under the sponsorship of their parents or relatives or to foreign international students who come from abroad to join one of the higher educational institutes in the UAE.

Advantages of UAE 1-Year Study Visa

1. Visa Processing fees (Entry Permit and stamping)
2. Change of status when you’re inside the UAE
3. Regular medical examination
4. Health Insurance
5. Visa Maintenance charge of AED 2625

UAE Study Visa Requirements

In This section, we will be making a list of the necessary requirements for a UAE Study Visa.

First, you must have obtained and filled completely UAE Visa Application Form along with the items I will mention below:

  • Your valid e-passport; should be older than six months and have at least six months validity period with two blank visa pages
  • Fill out and sign the appropriate form for the visa you’re applying for here. You should be so honest in filling and not try to play smart.
  • Bank statements. This is very important for the consulate to be sure that you can financially sponsor yourself.
  • Hotel booking
  • Confirmed Emirates or Fly Dubai airline ticket photocopy.
  • Coloured passport copies – Photo page and Bio Page in colour & Profession page, expiry and any other special endorsement page
  • One coloured passport photograph with white background (Size 4.3 cms x 5.5 cms, indicate full name on the reverse side of the photo & PPT No)
  • Previous passports (it serves as evidence of your previous travel history);
  • Payment for your Visa Processing Fee
  • 4 e-Passport copies
  • 12 passport photographs
  • Upon arrival, 3 e-passport copies with entry visa to the UAE
  • Evidence of acceptance to a UAE tertiary institute (offer letter)
  • Possibly bank statements showing evidence of funds in the UAE
  • Possibly a tenancy agreement (or letter from the university if staying in university accommodation)
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Copy of visa fees receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Post-graduate students will need to have their undergraduate degree attested
  • Medical and security checks

How Long Does It Take to Process UAE Study Visa?

It usually takes around 15–20 days for the visa to be processed. However, that depends from university to university. International students can also choose Express processing, which costs more than normal processing. Under Express processing, students can get the UAE Students Visa within 10 days.

With the new visa issuance policy, UAE Study visa takes up to 7 working days to process and would undergo a series of security checks by the authorities.


To sum up, being granted a Dubai study visa is actually not that difficult; however, you need to fulfill the necessary requirements and follow the process as indicated by the law. If you fail to do so, you will most probably be declined for your application.

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