How to Reduce the Cost of Living and Studying in Japan

How to Reduce the Cost of Living And Studying in Japan.

Japan is one of the most desired destinations for foreigners to visit. The people of Japan are very respectful and homely. However, many scholars choose to study in Japan because of the quality of education offered.

Japan is one country among the few that produce top scholars worldwide. Therefore, it is evident that people are trying hard to go to Japan for studies.

The problem is that people from diverse places (especially developing countries) find it hard to keep up with the current living standards in Japan – though it is not as expensive as in the UK, Canada, and the US.

Here Are How To Reduce The Cost Of Living And Studying In Japan.

Apply For Scholarships

Scholarships can help you pay part or all of your education costs. If you pass the scholarship requirements from different sources, you can greatly cut the fees and save yourself from many struggles.

It can even be better if you apply for scholarships from diverse sources; you may land multiple scholarships. You will, in the end, enjoy a high-quality education without much impact on your pocket.

Find Affordable Flights to Japan

Airlines also happen to give some discounted offers when it comes to traveling. Different flights have offers for different destinations.

If you can get a cheap flight, you can save a few bucks that will keep you for a few weeks of your stay in Japan. You can always search online for flight discounts during the season you are traveling to Japan.

Make Sure You Find Affordable Accommodation

In most cases, students try to live in high-class residentials. However, since you know what you want, you do not have to live like most.

There are affordable places you can stay that won’t cost you a lot. By choosing affordable accommodation, you will save on expenses and, in turn, reduce your cost of living in Japan.

Find and Stay Close to the College or University

Staying close to your school will help you greatly reduce the cost of transportation. While searching for accommodation, try to limit yourself to a place you can walk to class, if possible.

While doing so, do not forget that it should be an affordable place. You can also try to consider the two options together.

Find an Alternative Means of Transport

We all know that traveling to and fro daily is quite costly. If you can ride, buy a bicycle. It will save you a lot on transportation.

The reason behind this is that a bicycle does not consume fuel. Another advantage of getting a bicycle is that it can serve as physical exercise while traveling to school and back.

Deal With Universities Directly

While searching for universities to enroll in, ensure you have direct contact with the universities.

Enrolling directly with the university will save you the middleman cost. You will survive on the few bucks you save from the enrollment charges you avoid.

Find Out if the University Has Campuses in Small Cities or Towns

The general cost of Living And Studying in Japan is quite affordable in small cities compared to large ones.

If you can find a vacancy in such small towns, you can save yourself enough to see you through some duration of stay in Japan as you study.

You can also expect a cool and c environment in the small towns compared to the large cities.

Watch Your Shopping and Eating Habits

Shopping in malls and town stalls is quite expensive. If you can wait for evening hours and visit the local market centers, you can find fresh products you can buy. Local food is also quite affordable.

If you can keep up with the local food of the Japanese, then your stay in Japan will be very affordable, and you won’t have to struggle. Another thing to remember is that cooking in the house is cheaper than eating in a cafe.


One of the main reasons to study in Japan is the safe environment, as Japan is considered one of the safest countries in the world, with significantly low crime rates.

You now understand that studying in Japan does not have to be all that expensive. You can now find a university of your choice in Japan and apply for enrollment to undertake your degree in Japan. 

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