How to Say Thank You for an Unexpected Gift

Generally, saying thank you after receiving an unexpected gift is no big deal, but it may seem difficult to express it in a heartfelt way that the gifter is pleased.

Sometimes the gifter doesn’t care about how you express gratitude, yet you still feel like you did not express yourself as much as you should have.

In this article, we will show you several ways to say thank you for an unexpected gift and still sound sincere.

Let’s heard straight to learning how to say thank you for an unexpected gift, irrespective of whom the gift is coming from. 

6 Ways to Say Thank You for an Unexpected Gift

1. I Appreciate This

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Most times, it is best you are specific about what you appreciate, and you can also explain why you appreciate the gift.

To show that you are grateful, you can explain what the gift will be used for. This will give you the impression that you needed and value that gift. 

You can say ‘’I appreciate that you went as far as getting me these sneakers”. I have always wanted to change my workout sneakers. I can’t wait to wear them’’.

This expression will give the impression that the gifter got what you needed at that time of your life. 

2. Thank You for Taking the Time to Get This`

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The time people spend putting a smile on your face is a gift. Sometimes acknowledge the time they spent getting you gifts because time is precious. 

You can say ‘’Thank you for taking out the time to make this happen’’.

By saying this, you show the receiver that you appreciate the gift and the time and troubles they had getting you the gift. 

3. You Do So Much for Me

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Appreciate all the efforts they put into making you smile. This goes for your partner, and you can remind them of previous things they have done to make you happy.

You can say ‘’I see all you do for me, and I appreciate it. Thank you’’.

By saying this, you place in them the zeal to do even more for you because they feel well-appreciated. 

4. You’re Too Kind

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Sometimes compliments feel better than thank you. You can tell them how sweet you think they are and tell them other positive traits. 

You can say ‘’you are such a nice person, which is beyond my expectations. Thank you’’. 

Telling people how kind they are in place of thank you also makes them feel better. 

5. Thank You for Thinking of Me During This Difficult Time

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Appreciate people who show you unexpected love when you are going through a difficult time. Your gratitude stays in their heart. 

You can say ‘’these are trying times for me. Thank you for making it easy for me’’. 

6. I Will Treasure This Gift

If someone goes out of his way to get you an expensive gift, tell them how you will cherish and value the gift.

You can also tell them that it is one of the best gifts you have received and you will take care of it. 

You can say ‘’you went through the troubles of making this. I will always think of you anytime my eyes behold it’’. 

You make the receiver feel like you love and value the gift by saying this. 

How to Write a Thank-You Note 

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Sometimes the excitement of receiving an unexpected gift can keep you dumbfounded and get you thinking of the right word to use to express the gratitude in your heart.

You do not necessarily need to express how grateful you are at that moment.

However, writing your feelings down could be a better relief. We will be giving you some steps on how to go about it. 

Step 1: Greeting 

You can give a warm introduction before going into expressing yourself. You do not have to say a lot in this part. Example 

I hope you are fine 

It was nice sitting at the concert last month with you

How is it going with your holiday 

Step 2: The Message 

This is the central part of the note, and it is where you should spend your time writing.

You do not have to write a million paragraphs. It can be short, precise, and sincere.

You can explain what the gift meant to you and how you will use it. You can also tell the person how thoughtful he is in getting you that particular gift. 

Make sure to sound genuine. The important thing is that the person feels that you value and appreciate the gift from your heart. 

Step 3: Sign Off 

You can end your note by simply saying you appreciate the gift. You can also end by talking about some plans with the person.

For example, I’m looking forward to going out on that dinner night we discussed.

With this, you have not only laid in the person’s heart that you love the gift, but you will love to meet up with them soon. 


A heartfelt thank you is what everyone needs to feel that they have done something generous. 

If you read through this post, getting to say thank you for an unexpected gift should not be a big deal for you. 

Are there other ways to say thank you for an unexpected gift? Have you been in a situation where you wanted to say thank you to someone but couldn’t find the right words?

Let me know in the comment section; we will be glad to hear from you.

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