How to Survive Middle School | 20 Tips

In middle school, many kids go through challenging times. Perturbed about how to survive middle school as a student? Keep scrolling for tips that will help you find your way through middle school.

Surviving middle school as a child progresses through high school and beyond, the idle school significantly impacts their progress and success.

Following the 20 middle school survival recommendations I’ve listed below will not only save your life but will also shape your character as a person—long after middle school. So, without further ado, let’s get right down to business.

20 Tips on How to Survive Middle School

We can all agree that middle school can be challenging. Now I’ve compiled a list of 20 recommendations that I found helpful in middle school, and I strongly recommend them.

Pick Your Friends Carefully

In middle school, the type of friends may make or break you. Most of the time, your buddies will decide what interests you and what your priorities are.

When it comes to choosing friends, always choose wisely. This is a very vital tip on how to survive middle school.

Stay Away From Drama and Rumors

There is a lot of drama in middle school, but it would be to your best advantage if you avoided becoming involved.

For any of the persons involved, drama is never a good thing. Gossip is the same way. Most gossips are fake, and your participation in them is merely a means of disseminating incorrect information about you.

Staying away from drama is one sure tip on how to survive middle school.

Understand and Follow The School Rules

As a student, you must learn and follow the school’s regulations. This would go a long way toward keeping you out of trouble while improving your academics and relationships with your instructor, other school employees, and fellow students.

It’s never a bad idea to follow the rules, so why don’t you?

Don’t be Swayed by Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a significant aspect of middle school, with your classmates always attempting to encourage you to do what they’re doing.

The majority of the time, peer pressure forces you to be negative. Try as much as possible not to be swayed by peer pressure; this would help you if you are stuck on how to survive middle school.

Avoid Drugs and Other Potentially Harmful Substances

You’d have to take a position against drugs and say no. You are well aware that drugs are harmful. They have terrible adverse effects and can completely ruin your life if you use them.

This is another vital tip on how to survive middle school, stay away from drugs and harmful substances. Also, dissociate from students who use them.

Get a Hobby

Having a fantastic hobby makes you more excited and exposes you to new people and friends who may share the same hobbies. This is one simple tip on how to survive middle school.

Stay Positive

Middle school can get challenging at times. It can be messy and stressful, too, but you always have to stay positive. Among the many tips on how to survive middle school, a positive attitude is paramount.

Love Yourself

You won’t be easily bullied or manipulated by peer pressure. Loving yourself is the most incredible tip for surviving middle school. Not just surviving middle school but also surviving life as a whole.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Never be shy or ashamed of the question you ask. Stick to it, be bold, and ask questions about academic problems or lifestyle choices. You can always ask your teacher or, at times, your parents.

Cultivate the habit of asking questions. It is a useful tip on how to survive middle school.

Find a New Hobby

Having an excellent pastime makes you more intriguing and allows you to meet new people and create new acquaintances who share your interests.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Middle school can be challenging at times. It can be dirty and frustrating at times, but you must constantly maintain a positive attitude.

Take Care of Yourself

Peer pressure will not easily influence or bully you. The most important recommendation for surviving middle school is to love yourself. It’s not just about surviving middle school; it’s about surviving life in general.

Do Not Be Afraid To Inquire

Never be embarrassed or embarrassed to ask a question. Stick to your guns, be brave, and raise questions regarding academic issues or lifestyle choices.

Always Take Notes

Taking notes in class also helps you remember things the teacher might have said that might not be in the text or areas you might need to concentrate on when reading up on your own.

Give Your Assignments and Homework Top Priority

The minor assignment you have piled up, the less tense you would feel towards the deadlines, and the better the work you did would be. This is a very useful tip on how to survive middle school.

Study Hard

The main point of middle school is to learn. Studying should be a priority for you while in middle school. Study hard and get your grades up. These grades would help me move further in life, to high school and college.

Don’t Let Yourself Be Bullied

It is your responsibility to protect yourself from bullies and not be bullied. Bullies prey on fear and attack you if they see you are insecure or scared. Build your self-confidence and esteem.

Keep a Notebook Handy

Taking notes in class can also help you remember items the teacher said that isn’t in the book or areas you should focus on while reading independently.

Prioritize Your Homework and Assignments

You will feel less nervous about deadlines, and your work will be better if you have fewer assignments.

Concentrate on Your Studies

Middle school is primarily about learning. While in middle school, studying should be your top priority. Strive for higher marks by studying hard. These grades will be beneficial as you progress through high school and college.

Do Not Succumb To Intimidation

You must protect yourself from bullies and not allow yourself to be bullied. Bullies feed on fear, and if they notice you are insecure or afraid, they will attack you. Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Take Care of Your Sleep

Attempt to sleep for at least 8 hours each night. A good night’s sleep will keep you rejuvenated and ready to face schoolwork.

Consume High-Quality Foods Regularly

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, Also, don’t eat late at night. Good nutrition keeps you fit, healthy and energized.

Make Achievable Goals for Yourself

Don’t over-stress yourself, and always keep it real. Nothing too extreme and nothing too mediocre.

Pay Attention in Class

While in class, give the class 100 percent of your attention. Paying attention in class would help you learn a lot of new things. It would also help with your grades. Paying attention would also help you when a teacher asks you a question.

Try Out Extracurricular Activities

Would you prefer to be part of the sports team? Then you should give it a try and not hesitate. It would make your middle school year exciting and exciting.

Be Orderly

Being orderly and arranged would be very helpful in middle school. Always having your things all over the place would lead to many of these things going missing. Try and protect your books and other items by keeping them arranged and orderly.

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

Keep things natural, and don’t over-stress yourself. Nothing too outlandish and nothing too ordinary.

Concentrate in Class

Give your classes your full attention while in class. Paying attention in class will allow you to pick up a lot of new information. It would also benefit your academic performance. Paying attention will also come in handy if a teacher asks you a question.

Participate in Extracurricular Activities if Possible

Would you rather be a member of a sports team? Then it would help if you gave it a go without hesitation. It would add excitement and interest to your middle school year.

Maintain a Sense of Order

Being organized and well-organized would be beneficial in middle school.

Taking Some Risks is Acceptable

Not all risks are harmful, as frightening as they may seem. You have the option of taking some calculated risks. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and attempt something new. It could put you in danger.


Here are the important tips on how to survive middle school. Which of the tips on how to survive middle school do you intend to apply?

Share your thought in the comment section below.

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