How To Write The Stanford Roommate Essay

The Stanford roommate essay is one of the compulsory essays aspiring students of Stanford University must write.

Stanford requires an essay of 100 to 250 words from applicants describing their personality type, interests, and other specific details of themselves to their future roommates.

This essay is expected to be carefully and comprehensively written because it is one of the key requirements to get into the university.

This article will help you write a very standard essay, give you the necessary guidelines, show you some perfect examples, and also help you write your own unique essay.

Let’s get started.

About Stanford Roommate Essay

The first thing you should know about the Stanford roommate essay is that the Stanford University Admissions Committee would like to see qualities besides your academic performance.

The committee would like to get an idea of what you’ll be like with your fellow students and how you’ll fit in with other college students.

Stanford offers you an opportunity to talk about your unique aspects, the way you like to interact, the things that catch your fancy, your talents and other special aspects of your life that weren’t included in the rest of your application.

The university wants you to share personal, intimate details of yourself. They expect you to reveal things your friends and family know about you, which is no big deal.

How to Write the Stanford Roommate Essay

These steps will help you write your unique and standard Stanford roommate essay.

Be Very Specific

When writing your Stanford roommate essay, paint a very specific and vivid picture of yourself.

Be yourself and tell a brief story of who you are, not what you expect to be, what people portray you to be or what you think the committee should hear.

Be Real

One error students make when writing the Stanford roommate essay is trying to sound overly impressive.

The admissions committee should not detect any form of pretence. You must try to be as real as possible. Don’t indicate interest in reading best-selling novels just because you saw them online unless that’s what you’re interested in.

Don’t try to make yourself seem more important than others. Don’t also try to make things up to sound better. You’ll become insincere.

The admissions committee would like to read about the real you, someone who likes to write comics, sing classical, blues or someone who likes gaming online.

The team would rather know how you participate in school plays, your role, or how you like to design and create things! These are things the admissions committee wants to see.

You can also talk about how you interact and relate with your friends. You are free to share funny stories about how you order too much food while going out to eat or how you guys always get front-row seats to see Marvel movies.

Talk About Your Unique Quirks

Your Stanford roommate essay is a great time and an opportunity to show off your unique quirks.

State how weird you are, what you do and would like to do. Do you do 20 pull-ups before going to bed every night? Do you meditate each morning? What do you have under your pillow? Do you slightly underbake your cookies? How do you prefer your meals?

These are some ideas of what to include in your essay. Whatever your quirk is, the Stanford roommate essay is a great place to share it. Bonus points for you if it’s funny and if you can add your reasons behind these quirks!

You can let them know why you meditate each morning. Does it make you smarter? Or you do it just because it makes you get into the yoga mood.


It is not just enough to write about your unique talents and personality type. You have to proofread your written piece.

Before submitting your Stanford roommate application essay, take your time to edit and proofread it.

Your essay should be free of grammatical and punctuation errors. Use simple tenses, write with clarity, be precise and employ the help of your dictionary.

It is also highly recommended to ask someone else to read your essay. Seek a second opinion from a parent, teacher, or friend. Ask them whether your work represents your personality.

Then, have them check your writing and grammatical errors. Remember, even though your Stanford roommate essay is expected to be fun and exciting, it still needs to be accurately written!

Stanford Roommate Essay Examples

Below are some selected examples of the Stanford Roommate Essay, which is meant to serve as a guide for you. Check them out.

Stanford Roommate Example 1

The essay above was written by a Reddit user who got accepted into Stanford University.

This well-written essay is very specific, straight to the point, and real. The essay reveals that the student will not only work hard but also participate in Stanford’s campus life.

First, the writer talked about specific details of himself, which makes him easily identifiable and relatable. 

The essay gives you an idea of what the applicant would be like as a roommate. You can picture him having a plate of Starburst on his desk, offering some to his roommates and storing his bike at the foot of his bed.

The writer talked about his interests, his likes, how he likes to dress, and how his roommates should interact with him.

Stanford Roommate Example 2

You can tell right away that the essays above aren’t just regular, conventional essays. The writer is very good at using words as he plays around with structure, tone, and voice.

As a Stanford applicant, feel free to write in a way that suits your personality. Don’t be scared to express yourself freely.

The writer talked about adventures and how s/he is interested in having roommates with similar traits.

Remember, the essay is directed to your roommate, not your parents, teachers, or someone within your age grade. It is natural to talk differently to people of your age than to people older than you. Your writing should reflect this fact.

The essays above are also specific. These incidents described by the writer are vivid and happen in reality.

The style of writing and diction used is also commendable. Instead of just saying that he or she loves spending time with friends, the writer described a specific incident that perfectly illustrates that point.

Being specific when writing is a way to add authenticity to your work and fleshes you out as a person.

Finally, the author does a great job of adding information about his or her habits as a student in a fun and playful way. For instance, the anecdote about taking apart the MP3 player indicates curiosity, a trait highly required by the Stanford admissions committee.

Similarly, the anecdote about staying up late to finish an English paper shows that the student works very hard and doesn’t joke about his or her academic work.

Stanford Roommate Example 3

The writer of the above essay employed a very unique style. She outlined a list of random and unique details about herself while telling her roommates to expect more.

She even disclosed things about her house (not just herself) and painted an image in the mind of any reader.

To conclude her Stanford roommate essay, she employed the question style, asking her future roommates to also tell her things about themselves and what they like to do.


So far, so good. You should be able to write your unique Stanford Roommate essay from the guides given to you in this article.

Have further questions? Feel free to use the comment section. We wish you the very best in your academic pursuit.

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