Iceland Student Visa Application Guide

Iceland student visa is the type of visa awarded to aspiring students. You can apply for an Iceland student visa to study for more than 90 days.

If your program is under 90 days, you can apply for an Iceland tourist visa in Nigeria instead.

Before you have the freedom to stay in Iceland for more than three months, you have to apply for a residence permit. This permit lets you remain in Iceland until the end of your study.

Why You Should Study In Iceland?

It’s Socially Open

If you want to expand your horizons and make your stay a worthwhile experience, there’s no place you would rather be than Iceland. It is the home of one of the world’s most diverse populations.

This can be attributed to the country’s commitment to religious and sexual tolerance, progressive laws, and gender equality.

Iceland claimed the 4th position in the 2015 Social Progress Index. What earned her this title is the tolerance of her citizenry, the access to higher education in the country, the support for human rights, and so much more.

Also, Iceland is one of the world’s most peaceful and sustainable places.

The Landscapes

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge location in Iceland makes it a unique destination, no matter the season. The grand glaciers, bubbling hot springs, geothermal lakes, brooding volcanoes, and open green meadows.

These are just a few of the landscapes you will love to lay your eyes on during your study in Iceland.

The country goes a great lengths to preserve its beautiful scenery. Being a world leader in sustainability and conservative management, Iceland is the home of the largest national park in Europe.

The totality of her electricity is derived from renewable sources. This is why Iceland is a popular destination for studying educational renewable energy and sustainability programs.

International students at Iceland School of Energy have the privilege of learning about renewable energy development and technology firsthand.

Moreover, Iceland is known for its never-ending summer. Institutions like Bifrost University offer summer courses for students.

They offer various programs that will give you time to enjoy and cherish the landscape throughout the four seasons. Another thing about Iceland’s landscape is its proximity to European destinations.

Arts and Culture Abound

Arts and culture thrive in Iceland. An exciting community of artists and musicians has wriggled its way into the hearts of art and music lovers in Iceland.

If you love music or art, get ready to be impressed. You would like to particularly love ‘Of Monsters and Men’ and other music bands.

Amazing festivals like the ‘Reykjavik Arts Festival, ‘DesignMarch’ and the ‘Reykjavik International Film Festival can also help you connect with Icelandic culture.

And suppose you are studying arts, music, or film-making. In that case, these experiences can help you grow faster and deeper, especially when the Iceland Academy of Arts offers world-class dance, music, and theatre programs.

Iceland Student Visa Requirements

You will need the following documents to apply for an Iceland student visa:

Schengen student visa application form.

Letter of admission you received from your chosen institution, which should contain your resumption and graduation date and the number of tuition fees you are required to pay.

If you are given a scholarship, you must provide a letter of sponsorship from the body awarded the scholarship.

Your international passport should have validation of 6 months at least.

Two passport photographs. Your photograph dimensions should be 35 x 45 mm standard size. Iceland Visa photograph requirements also include that the background is white and has 80% face coverage.

Your international passport and National ID card photocopies (if you have one).

Proof of reserved traveling flight tickets bearing airline and travel date. Embassies wouldn’t be responsible for loss of money if your visa application is refused or canceled.

Therefore, you should not book actual traveling tickets before applying for a student visa. So, if you’re wondering how to reserve your flight before getting your visa, here’s good news. Reserve a flight ticket today.

Medical insurance proof. During your study, there is always a chance that you can get injured or sick. That is why; medical insurance is given so much importance during the visa application to Iceland.

When you opt for a medical insurance policy for a visa, ensure it is valid in all the Schengen countries and covers up to 30,000 EUR.

Proof of hotel reservations and accommodation. You should make arrangements for your arrival in Iceland. The embassy needs to see that you have an arrangement in place.

So, you can either stay at a hotel or your relative/friend’s place in the meantime (if you have any) before finding accommodation. Also, your institution may have arranged accommodation for you.

If you would stay at a friend’s or relative’s place, you should submit an invitation letter from them, along with sponsorship proof. If not, hotel accommodation is fine.

Proof of subsistence, bank statements from the past three months with a signature and seal from the same bank.

Cover Letter. You also need to write a cover letter explaining your itinerary and the purpose of your study.

Police clearance shows that you are a law-abiding Nigerian citizen.

Previous certificates and/or transcripts from previously attended institutions.

How to Apply For Iceland Student Visa in Nigeria

Secure an Admission

Without admission into a School in Iceland, you cannot apply for a student visa. The best practice for securing admission is to send your application to several schools.

Iceland has about seven universities and several other higher education institutions to choose from.

Gather All Documents

Fill out the application form duly and correctly. Get your supporting documents and get ready for submission at Vfs global center.

Submit Application/Attend Interview

Once you submit your application, you should prepare for an interview at the Embassy of Denmark in Abuja.

You must appear in person (just as you must for application submission) as you’d need to verify the biometric data you provided during the application submission. Vfs Global Limited will inform you if the embassy needs your attention.

Track Your Application

After the interview, you should track your application to know when to get your passport. You can track your application by clicking on the following link:

Get Your Passport

You should pick up your passport immediately so you can confirm that your passport is ready. And hopefully, you can fly to your dream destination to study.


For students wishing to study in Iceland, we hope you find this article helpful and that you will consider all the tips mentioned above on getting a student visa.

Congratulations and best wishes in your academic journey.

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