JAMB 2024: New Cognitive & Verbal Reasoning Tests for Direct Entry


Marking a significant shift in its assessment methodology, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) will introduce cognitive and verbal reasoning tests for Direct Entry candidates starting in 2024. This announcement was made by Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, JAMB Registrar, during a recent virtual meeting with education commissioners across Nigeria.

This new policy represents a deliberate move towards a more holistic evaluation of potential students. The cognitive and verbal reasoning tests, designed to assess critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, will complement the existing subject-based examinations.

“This initiative aims to provide a broader picture of a candidate’s academic potential and suitability for higher education,” Prof. Oloyede stated. “Beyond specific subject knowledge, these tests will evaluate essential skills that are crucial for success in any academic field.”

Implementing these tests aligns with JAMB’s ongoing efforts to refine and strengthen the Direct Entry admission process. This approach is expected to:

  • Enhance the selection of academically well-rounded students: JAMB seeks to identify candidates with the necessary intellectual agility to thrive in university studies by assessing cognitive and verbal reasoning abilities alongside subject expertise.
  • Promote a more balanced assessment: The inclusion of these tests aims to provide a more comprehensive picture of a candidate’s aptitude, complementing the traditional subject-based examinations.
  • Prepare students for academic success: The skills evaluated through the tests are essential not just for university admission but also for effective learning and critical thinking throughout one’s academic career.

JAMB has yet to announce the specific details and format of the cognitive and verbal reasoning tests. However, this significant move signals the board’s commitment to continuously improve its admission processes and ensure that future university students possess the necessary skills for academic success.

Registration Exclusivity and Requirements

Starting in 2024, JAMB is streamlining the Direct Entry registration process by shifting it exclusively to designated JAMB offices.

This centralized approach ensures a standardized and controlled environment for application submission. To facilitate a meticulous selection process, candidates will be required to provide comprehensive academic documentation, including:

  • JAMB Registration Number: Identifying the candidate within the JAMB system.
  • Previous Institution Details:
    • Matriculation Number: Identifying the institution where the qualifying certification was obtained.
    • Subject(s) of Qualification: Specifying the relevant academic subjects studied.
    • Awarding Institution: Stating the name of the institution that conferred the qualification.
    • Institution Attended: Declaring the institution where the studies were undertaken.
    • Year of Graduation: Confirming the completion date of the qualifying studies.
  • Admission Letters (optional): Providing verifiable proof of admission for applicable cases.

This deliberate shift reflects JAMB’s commitment to enhancing the rigor of the selection process.

By standardizing the data collection and verifying academic credentials, JAMB aims to ensure that successful candidates possess the qualifications for their chosen field and a demonstrably strong academic foundation.

Ultimately, this revised approach strengthens JAMB’s ability to select well-prepared and genuinely deserving individuals for higher education opportunities.


JAMB’s transition to aptitude testing, effective for 2024 Direct Entry admissions, demonstrates its commitment to innovative assessment practices.

Candidates are encouraged to review the new components and register at JAMB offices. This evolution promises to enhance the identification of…

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