JAMB Brochure for 2024/2025 Academic Session

This is to inform all candidates who want to partake in the 2024/2025 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board examination that JAMB has released the brochure for the examination.

The JAMB brochure is made to help students who wish to check their institution requirements, subject combination, and list of courses offered in the universities of their choice.

This article contains everything you need to know about the JAMB brochure.

How to score high in Jamb

About JAMB Brochure

The JAMB board provides students (JAMBites) with an informational document called the JAMB brochure that they can use to examine their school’s requirements, subject combinations, and a list of each institution’s courses.

Is the JAMB Brochure 2024 Now Available?

Yes, the JAMB 2024 brochure has been released. Keep reading to find out how you can access it.

How to Access JAMB Brochure

The JAMB Brochure can be accessed in two ways, namely:

  • Through PDF
  • Through JAMB’s official website

How to Access JAMB Brochure Using PDF

Downloading the PDF version of the JAMB brochure is one way to obtain it.

This PDF referenced in the article is reliable and covers all Universities and the programs they offer.

Note: The file format is PDF. To access the brochure, your device needs to be able to open PDF files.

Click on the course that concerns you to download the JAMB complete brochure. 

JAMB Brochure for Universities | PDF Download

How to Access JAMB Brochure Using JAMB IBASS

Visiting JAMB official website to access the JAMB brochure is another easy way to access the JAMB brochure.

Following the steps below will make it a quick and easy process for you;

  • Visit the official JAMB IBASS website.
  • Find the ‘BROCHURE’ symbol and click on it.
  • When given the option to select a brochure by institution, choose the appropriate one.


Before making a final decision on the course and institution, you want to register for, carefully read the 2024/2025 JAMB brochure that is now accessible in this article.

The JAMB Brochure gives students access to high-quality information about their chosen Institution and all courses offered in that Institution.

Please share this post with your friends, as it may come in handy. Please use the comment section below for questions and suggestions concerning the JAMB Brochure.

FAQ About JAMB Brochure

JAMB Brochure: Is It Free?

The brochure is, in fact, free. The brochure will be delivered to you following your successful JAMB registration.

What Differentiate the JAMB Brochure From the Syllabus?

The JAMB Syllabus comprises all the topics on a specific subject, let’s say Chemistry, that a student must have covered before sitting for JAMB.

In contrast, the JAMB brochure contains all the conditions students must complete before they are eligible to study a course at a specific university.

JAMB Brochure: Is It Real?

Yes, the JAMB brochure is authentic and ought to be your go-to resource when figuring out whether you qualify to register for a specific course at a specific university.

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