JAMB Mock-UTME Key Information for [Year] Candidates

The JAMB Mock-UTME is fast approaching for 2024, with 176,408 candidates ready to participate, as announced.

In preparation, candidates should adhere to JAMB’s guidelines, arrive early for biometric verification, print their notification slips, and avoid the prohibited items list. By following these tips, candidates can perform their best in the examination.

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JAMB Mock-UTME Everything You Need to Know

To stay informed and prepared as the exams draw closer, here is what you need to know.

Notification Slips

Starting from Thursday, 23rd March, 2024, the printing of notification slips by candidates who registered for the Mock-UTME can commence.

Essential information is contained in these slips, such as the candidate’s registration number, examination date, venue, and time, enabling them to easily locate their centers.

To print your slip, visit the JAMB website; in the menu, click “2024 Mock-UTME” and enter your registration number.

Early Arrival for Biometric Verification

Candidates’ arrival at the examination centers should be one hour before the scheduled time for biometric verification, as advised.

The exam commencement time is non-negotiable, and a zero-tolerance policy is to be maintained by JAMB for malpractice in the examination.

Prohibited Items and Guidelines

Candidates must avoid carrying items prohibited, such as phones, wristwatches, calculators, and flash drives, into the examination halls to ensure a smooth examination process.

Also, JAMB warns against the application of fancied drawings and paintings on the hands, such as laale, as the whorls of the fingers during biometric verification can interfere.


Candidates need to be well-prepared as the JAMB Mock-UTME for 2024 is fast approaching. Candidates can do their best in the examination, By following the JAMB guidelines provided.

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