15 Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria and their Prices

There are a variety of Lightening creams in Nigeria, and this article seeks to inform you about the best lightening creams for you to avoid buying fake products.

Skin-lightening products, also known as whiteners, fade creams, or skin brighteners, work by reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin. Lightening creams are a technique used to lighten naturally dark skin.

Mercury is an ingredient in many lightning creams sold in Nigeria. Mercury is harmful. Hydroquinone is also another ingredient in lightening products. Hydroquinone in small quantities such as 2-4% is not harmful and tolerated.

Our list of 15 best lighting creams in Nigeria will not contain those products with Mecury as those will be harmful.

15 Best Lightening Creams in Nigeria and their prices

1. Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

This cream contains Kojic Acid, -a compound that comes from a fungus (completely natural), and Arbutin, a compound found in various plants (also completely natural).

It is effective in treating hyperpigmentation due to old age, prolonged exposure to sunlight, dark spots, etc. It costs about 32,000 nairas.

2. AMBI Fade Lightening Cream

This product is effective in the reduction of wrinkles, spots, etc., on the skin. It does not contain mercury and is considered safe by its users.

3. Caro Tone Brightening Cream

 It comes as advertised. It comes free of mercury and is quite effective in clearing out dark spots, skin discolouration, etc.

4. NIVEA Fairness Cream

It is free of mercury and helps cure dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

5. Pixi Vitamin C

It contains vitamin c, and it’s quite popular as a lightening.

6. JERGENS Fairness Cream

 It is specifically for people with fair skin and is generally considered one of the best lightening agents in Nigeria. This also makes it one of the best 15 lighting creams in Nigeria.

7. Bismid Whitening Cream

This helps in improving the general glow of a dull complexion. Its impact on the skin is almost immediate, and it is free of mercury, making it one of the best lighting creams in Nigeria.

8. Fair and Brite

These creams moisten the skin. It also helps in the reduction of aging skin and wrinkles. It is widely considered one of the best lightening creams in Nigeria.

9. Zeta White

This cream helps to make your skin lighter in complexion also soften. It is completely natural and devoid of mercury.

10. Lotus Herbal White

It is most natural and contains grape, milk extracts, mulberry, etc. It is also one of the best lightening creams in Nigeria. It costs about 9,500 nairas.

11. Amoils H-Age

This oil is FDA approved. It is widely accepted as safe for skin lightening. It does not contain mercury.

12. Neutrogena Body Lotion

This is great for oily skin. It is also specifically designed for fair and light skin tones. It is absent mercury.

13. Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Milk

It does not contain mercury but contains small hydroquinone at 2%.

14. Dove Cream for Fair Skin

This moisturizer is for oily skin contains only natural skin lightening products.

15. Skin Bright

This is arguably the best lightening cream in Nigeria. It also contains Kojic acid and Arbutin, which are natural ingredients.


These brands produce the best lightening creams in Nigeria. Select one of these products to get the best lightening results and for evenly toned skin.

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