List of Top Universities in Canada for Masters Studies

We will inform you about some good Universities in Canada where one can run a master’s degree program in this article.

Masters in Canada

Canada offers high-quality, research-oriented, and affordable education, which is recognized worldwide.

Canada is a safe, secure, healthy, multicultural, and welcoming environment for international students.

It’s regarded as one of the best countries to live in, with around 350,000+ international students enrolled in Canadian universities/colleges/schools in 2016. Many Canadian universities are in the top 100 rank worldwide.

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Among international students, 34% are from China, 14% are from India, 6% each from France and South Korea, and 3% from Nigeria.

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There are nearly 100 universities in Canada spread over 13 provinces and territories. It gives the international student many options to choose from so many universities.

While selecting universities, you should keep 8-10 universities in your application checklist. Also, it would help if you started researching the universities at least 15 months before the beginning of the session.

If you want to apply in Fall, check out for universities between May and June. That leaves you enough time to review your exams and arrange the admission requirements accordingly.

Top Universities in Canada

University of Toronto202024
University of British Columbia324337
McGill University392167
McMaster University9411390
University of Montreal11383101-150
University of Alberta12484101-150
University of Victoria173290201-300
University of Waterloo251-275169201-300
University of Ottawa188218201-300
University of Calgary226-250171151-200
Dalhousie University226-250235201-300
Carleton University226-250501-550401-500
Laval University226-250298201-300
Simon Fraser University226-250222201-300
Western University226-250201-300
York University226-250421-430401-500
Queen’s University, Ontario251-275187201-300
University of Guelph431-440201-300
Université de Sherbrooke441-450
Concordia University461-470
University of Saskatchewan 481-490301-400
University of Manitoba301-350501-550301-400
University of Quebec501-550401-500


You are now aware of the top universities in Canada. I hope this article was helpful, Do well to share this article with your friends.

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