Maxim Time Clock | Pros, Cons and Reviews

Time is considered the most valuable thing a man has; spending and keeping track of this time can be effectively done using the maxim time clock.


The era of keeping records using paper has become outdated. Organizations now use a maxim time clock for timesheets and keep track of their day-to-day activities.

This post will enlighten you on the benefits of using a maxim time clock, what it is, its pros, cons, and also reviews.

What is a Maxim Time Clock?

The maxim time clock is a web-based platform. This time clock keeps record of the signing in and signing out of employees.

The maxim time clock also helps employees of organizations complete time cards by using their computers, laptops, tablets, or even their smartphones.

Employees can also receive timesheets mailed to them weekly for e-approval. Now, a timesheet is a piece of paper for recording the number of hours worked.

The system allows you to enter the number of hours you worked daily into the system by keeping a track record of start and end times for employees on an hourly basis at their different job locations. 

This time clock can also be referred to as the clock card machine, time recorder, or punch clock.

The maxim time clock is also beneficial to the employers and not just the employees. Employers can use this time clock to count their employees’ expertise and the number of hours worked. 

How to Use the Maxim Time Clock

Using the maxim time clock is quite easy. Employees are simply required to add time to their various timesheets during the working week.

This added time is submitted to the designated team head once the completion of the employee’s work for the week is done.

These steps listed below will show you how to effectively use a maxim Time Clock.

  • Visit
  • Then, scroll to the end of the page and click on “Let’s Get Started.”
  • Fill in your name, company name, phone number, email identification, and state/region in the form shown to you. All these are mandatory fields.
  • Then click on “submit”

Pros of Using the Maxim Time Clock

Here are some of the benefits of using this time clock.

Highly Mobile-Optimized

One major benefit of using this web platform is that it enables versatility. This time clock can be used to work from home. It is accessible on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Free and Easily Accessible

Using the maxim time clock is totally free. It only requires an internet connection and you are good to go!

Easy to Use

The maxim timeclock does not require many guidelines, protocols, procedures, or processes. The user is only required to be familiar with the digital tools.

Requires a Minimal Setup

The setup is done online. It requires filling of forms, digital time card submission, and the approval platform. The setup is not a very technical process. Any literate can set up the time clock.

Keeps Archived Timesheets

Users of this web platform are able to access both the past and present timesheets.

Paperless and Effortless

The maxim time clock is a digital device. It does not require paper and a pen. It requires less effort to use. and prevents the stress paper and pen writing brings.

Multiple Timesheets

Users of this web platform can access different timesheets and work on them simultaneously. It makes navigating between different sectors very easy.

Auditing And Approval Of Necessary Documents

The time clock also helps in auditing and approving necessary documents. With audit trails, users can trace accounting, trade details, or other financial data.

Audit trails are used to track transactions and keep an accurate record of both past and present records.

Audit trails are also used to verify the authenticity and originality of any transaction. In addition, audit trails can be useful tools when determining the validity of an accounting entry, source of funds, or trade.

A good audit trail also helps to keep all of the organization’s records and transactions safe for a longer period.

Method of Processing

The method of processing the maxim timeclock involves filling out forms and digital time card submission.

Promotes Social Distancing

The maxim time clock promotes social distancing as it saves you the stress of interacting with different people, touching different surfaces, and having multiple conversations.

The maxim time clock is also beneficial in the following ways:

  • It exposes individuals to new experiences.
  • It helps the organization save money and time. Remember, time is money!
  • The time clock also increases work productivity and accuracy and improves maximum output.
  • The maxim time clock reduces fraud.

Cons of Using a Maxim Time Clock

For every advantage, there is a disadvantage.

The idea of adopting a maxim time clock is wonderful, but it sure has its disadvantages. Some of them are listed below:

  • This time clock gives the super administrator full and absolute access to the whole account log, managing managers, business settings, etc without restriction while the administrator is restricted from having access to the business settings.
  • The time clock gives access to tracking time, accuracy, and compliance while concentration and spending time to grow the business are limited.
  • It is basically digital. This means your sheets become inaccessible when there is a poor internet connection.

How the Maxim Time Clock Works at Every Level

Super Administrator

The time clock provides aid and support to the Super Administrator of the organization in overseeing the entire account log and managing managers, employees, and business settings. This person holds full access without any restrictions.


Just like the Super Administrator, the organization’s administrator holds access to manage the entire outlook of managers and employees but does not have access to business settings.


Employees are always provided with facilities like viewing schedules, changing shifts, receiving messages from the higher authority of the organization, viewing recent timesheets, clocking in and out, and many more.

Maxim Time Clock Reviews

The maxim time clock has been used and appreciated by different organizations and companies. Some of these organizations have appreciated its value and dropped some reviews.

Take a look at some of the positive and negative reviews. For certain reasons, their identities will not be named.


What were the biggest problems you encountered with Maxim Time Link?: 


“I do not think the time clock is as ergonomic as possible. It is just OK. The clock works as expected; however, I think there should be more work done to upgrade the speed and responses.

On the plus side, it’s excellent that the tool was adaptable for left-hand operation, which I appreciated.”

“Getting the software running took way more time and energy than I expected, but when it did, it worked fine.”


The maxim time clock is one of the most efficient digital devices 21st-century organizations adopt to reduce work overload and ensure productivity.

Are you still thinking of getting one? Consider its advantages and weigh your options. If you are currently using one, you can share your experiences with us by using the comment section.

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