Misau College of Health Science and Technology (MICOHEST) Digital Transition: Online Activities and New Portals Revealed

In the relentless pursuit of academic excellence and the provision of unparalleled services, MICOHEST wishes to apprise its esteemed staff, diligent students, and the public of paramount advancements that have been meticulously instituted.

These enhancements, meticulously sculpted to refine our modus operandi, are tailored to augment your interaction and experience with MICOHEST’s diverse services.

Embracing the Digital Epoch: From Offline to Online

From this moment forth, MICOHEST has embarked on a transformative journey to relocate many previously on-campus activities to the digital realm. This evolution encompasses:

  • Vital administrative endeavors.
  • Various submissions.
  • Essential communications.
  • The pivotal student-centric school registration process.

This pivotal shift primarily seeks to proffer unparalleled convenience and heightened efficiency, shaping a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for all our stakeholders.

Unveiling a Revamped Admission Platform

With immense pleasure, MICOHEST heralds the migration of its form sales to a new and enhanced digital platform.

Prospective students and fervent applicants can now effortlessly procure forms for various programs by navigating to MICOHEST Admissions (https://micohest.admissions.cloud/).

This avant-garde platform is meticulously designed to fluidify and enrich the application voyage, ensuring a harmonious and straightforward process for our aspirants.

Introducing a Centralised Digital Portal

To further elevate the accessibility and dissemination of pivotal academic and administrative data, MICOHEST takes pride in unveiling a novel portal tailored for our dedicated staff and enterprising students.

This portal, accessible via MICOHEST SAFSRMS (https://micohest.safsrms.com/), is poised to serve as the beating heart and nucleus of all academic engagements in the foreseeable future.

It’s paramount to accentuate that these forward-thinking changes are integral cogs in MICOHEST’s overarching strategy to bolster its digital scaffolding.

Recognizing the intricacies of adapting to pioneering systems, we offer exhaustive guides to seamlessly traverse and adeptly utilize these avant-garde platforms in imminent communications.

MICOHEST remains deeply appreciative of your unwavering cooperation and patience during these transformative times.

For any pressing inquiries or clarifications, the college implores you to contact the dedicated ICT Support Team stationed at the College E-Library or connect directly via WhatsApp at +234 703 331 6603.


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