Mozambique Student visa Application Guide in Nigeria

Mozambique is a good choice if you wish to study in any other African country as a Nigerian.


Although the country may not boast of the best facilities and educational structures in Africa, it is still a good choice for a Nigerian student because of the involvement of the international community to fund and support their educational programs.

Mozambique Visa Requirements In Nigeria

Getting a Mozambique visa is not difficult for a Nigerian citizen. Still, you must adhere strictly to the right instructions to avoid troubles during your visa application.

There are vital documents that a student needs to have and present to the relevant agencies when applying for a Mozambique student visa in Nigeria to increase their chances of getting approved. They include:

Nigerian Passport

You will need to present a Nigerian passport with more than 6 months of validity. Those with a valid passport for less than 3 months have a lesser chance of getting approved. You should also ensure to leave two pages of the passport blank.

National ID Card

You are expected to present any valid national ID card. It is not very important since you will need to present your International passport, which contains all the vital information about you.

Passport Photographs

You will also present two recently taken photographs showing your face clearly. The photographs should be taken on a plain white background.

Admission Letter

One of the fundamental requirements for a Mozambique visa application is an admission letter that shows you have been offered admission to study in any institution in the country.

Certificates and Transcripts

Other certificates include proof of status, a medical report, and a bank statement showing proof that you have enough funds to see you through your stay in the country.

How To Apply For Mozambique Student Visa In Nigeria

To study in Mozambique, you must follow the visa application procedure. Here, you get a step-by-step approach to how you can apply for a Mozambique student visa in Nigeria.

Apply for Admission

Before you begin the visa application process, the first step is to search for suitable institutions in Mozambique.

Check for their entry requirement to know whether you are qualified or not. Then apply for admission into the school you have selected.

You can also check if scholarships are available for your chosen school. Your admission letter is what makes you eligible to study in the country.

Gather your Documents

The next step for you is to gather all the relevant and important documents listed above.

Ensure that all the necessary documents are complete before you begin your student visa application process. This helps you avoid unnecessary trouble or stress.

Fill out the Application Form

After completing your documents, you can download the Mozambique student visa application form. Ensure to fill the form with all necessary details.

It should be correct and accurate. You should endeavor not to make any mistakes, or you can give it to a more appropriate person to help you fill it.

Visit the Embassy

Once your application form has been accurately filled, you can visit any Mozambique embassy in Nigeria close to you to start the visa application process.

The process will only begin after you have paid all the stipulated fees, including the visa and other fees.

Track your Application Process

After payment, you will be given a tracking number that you can use to track your visa application process.

The process doesn’t take long, especially when you provide all the necessary documents.

When your visa is ready, you will be contacted by the embassy. This is why you need to give an up-to-date contact address and number.

Mozambique Visa Fees In Nigeria

The cost of a Mozambique visa varies, depending on the purpose.  The cost of a Mozambique visa is around $50.

This is the cost of the visa alone. For other expenses, ensure you make thorough inquiries to know how much you need at the time of application.

Mozambique Consulate in Nigeria – Abuja, Lagos

There is no specific Mozambican embassy in Nigeria for now, but you can always check this page for any updates about the embassy.


If you travel to Mozambique as a student, I hope this Visa Application Guide gives you the information you need to start your pursuit. Congratulations in advance.

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