Nigerian Universities That Accept 120 as Cut-off Mark

We are pleased to inform all students who wish to study in any Nigerian University and scored below 150 in this year’s JAMB that there are Nigerian universities that accept students who scored 120.

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Universities in Nigeria choose their criteria for admission.

This practice became problematic due to the expanding number of universities in Nigeria’s complex higher education system. The country’s government established the JAMB in 1978 to manage a centralized admissions test known as the UTME.

The Nigerian government’s fiscal difficulties have recently sparked suggestions about eliminating the JAMB as a cost-saving strategy.

The JAMB declared in November 2016 that it lacked sufficient funding to successfully administer the nationwide UTME.

Even though certain colleges have extra requirements beyond the UTME, all public universities are currently required to use the government admissions test in their admissions determinations, despite these budgetary challenges.

Before making an admissions decision, several colleges also conduct further screening or post-UTME exams.

These post-UTME requirements might be burdensome, and it’s frequently noted that they annoy Nigerian university applicants.

The JAMB announced several revisions in 2016, including a ban on universities administering written post-UTME exams and modifications to the UTME scoring methodology.

Due to opposition from colleges, the measures’ status was unknown as of February 2017. In the fall 2016 admissions cycle, many colleges still used post-UTME tests.

List of Nigerian Universities That Accept 120 as Cut-off Mark

The following Universities that set their cut-off mark include:

  • Achievers University
  • Adeleke University,
  • Caleb University,
  • Fountain University,
  • Caritas University,
  • Novena University,
  • Renaissance University,
  • Ojiagu-agbani University,
  • Evangel University,
  • McPherson University,
  • South Western University,
  • Samuel Adegboyega University,
  • Wellspring University,
  • Western Delta University,
  • Wesley University,
  • Summit University,
  • Edwin Clark University,
  • Hezekiah University,
  • Kings University,
  • Arthur Javis University.


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