NIN Tracking ID Portal | How to Use Tracking ID to Get NIN

Do you know the importance of the NIN tracking ID? This article shares how to use your NIN tracking ID to regain your NIN if your card gets missing.

Nin tracking id

NIMC issued the National Identification card, which has two very important features. The first is the National Identification Number (NIN).

The second feature is the NIN tracking ID, a string of 15 characters on the card. These two features are unique and make it easy to confirm the identity of individuals, as no two people can have the same NIN or NIN tracking ID.

What Is the NIN Tracking ID?

The NIN tracking ID is 15 characters on the National Identification cards issued to Nigerians.

It is used by National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to combine all of the data of legal residents and all citizens of the nation into the National Identity Database (NIDB) to facilitate quick identification.

A person’s identification can only be removed from the commission’s database in the event of the person’s death and when a death certificate is presented to the commission to verify the person’s death.

Uses of NIN Tracking ID

The NIN tracking ID has several uses, which can be carried out on the official website of NIMC.

  • It is used when individuals want to obtain their NIN e-cards.
  • It is utilized in tracking your National Identification Number.
  • It also tracks your National ID card so you can know when to pick it up from the NIMC registration centre.

How to Use NIN Tracking ID to Get NIN

The NIN tracking ID can be used to get your NIN back. There is, however, an important condition or restriction: you cannot access your NIN details independently using the NIN tracking ID on the NIMC portal.

Using your tracking ID to retrieve your NIN requires visiting a nearby NIN enrolling centre and requesting the NIN reprinting service. You would have to pay 500 Naira or more to use the service.

How to Use SMS Services to Retrieve Your NIN

Using your phone device, you can also retrieve your NIN. All you are required to do is dial a unique code on your phone.

Follow this simple guideline to utilize this service.

  • Dial the unique code *346# on your phone device.
  • Choose ‘NIN Retrieval’ from the options.
  • Please write down your NIN from the display on the phone screen.
  • Copy and store it safely.


Now you know the importance of the NIN tracking ID. Though it is not the NIN, it is useful in retrieving your unique identification number. Therefore, make sure you have it kept safely.

Please make sure you share this article with your friends and loved ones. Cheers.

FAQ on NIN Tracking ID

Where Can I find My NIN Tracking ID?

nin tracking id

It is found on your NIN slip in the topmost left column. It consists of 15 characters.

How Much Does Using the SMS Code Cost?

Using the *346# code costs #20 for any subscriber.

Can I Retrieve My NIN Only on the NIMC Portal?

No. You can retrieve your NIN at any NIMC registration centre. You can also use the *346# code to retrieve your NIN.

My NIN Will Be Ready After How Long?

Your NIN will be ready between 1-5 working days.

Will My NIN Change When I Replace My Card?

Your NIN does not change.

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