NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar Revised Academic Calendar for 2024/2025

For the benefit of the college community and the general public, the management of the NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar, has announced numerous substantial adjustments to the academic calendar.

These adjustments include a new start date for newly admitted students, a special students’ week, and a new start date for the second-semester exam for the 2024/2025 session.

New Resumption Date for Fresh Students

The resumption date for newly admitted students, originally scheduled for Monday, July 10, 2024, has been rescheduled to Monday, July 17, 2024.

This change provides incoming students additional preparation time before commencing their academic journey at the institution. Fresh students are urged to note this change and adjust their plans accordingly.

Announcement of Students’ Week

NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar, is set to celebrate its Students’ Week from Monday, June 19, 2024, to Friday, June 23, 2024.

This week-long event provides an opportunity for students to engage in various activities, promote camaraderie, and strengthen the sense of community within the institution.

The management stresses that all students are required to participate in the Students’ Week activities without fail.

Revised Date for Second Semester Examination

In another important update, the Second Semester Examination for the 2024/2025 session was initially planned to begin on Monday, June 26, 2024.

The management has reiterated the need for all students to complete their school fees and other levies as soon as possible.

This is crucial to avoid disruptions during the examination period, as the college will enforce its policy against students who have not fulfilled their financial obligations.

The management of NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar, thanks everyone for their understanding and cooperation in adhering to these changes, as they are designed to enhance the overall academic experience for all students.

It urges all stakeholders to take note of these adjustments and plan accordingly.


The changes to the NKST College of Health Technology, Mkar, academic calendar signify the institution’s commitment to providing a conducive learning environment while maintaining a high standard of education.

The academic calendar ensures a well-structured academic year, allowing students to plan their studies effectively.

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