Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) Commences Work Study Programme for Students

To alleviate financial hardships on families and curb student dropout rates, the management of Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago-Iwoye, has introduced the innovative Students Work Study Programme.


This program permits students to work at the university while still attending classes.

The Students Work Study Programme: An Initiative for Student Empowerment

The Students Work Study Programme is a testament to OOU’s commitment to providing an environment that nurtures academic and personal growth.

This initiative enables students who possess vocational skills to work within the university while earning some income to offset their financial burdens and, at the same time, continue their academic pursuits.

Reducing Financial Burden and Dropout Rates

Implementing the Work Study Programme is a strategic solution to alleviate the financial strain on parents and guardians and significantly decrease the incidence of dropout students in school due to financial constraints.

By facilitating an avenue for students to earn while they learn, the university supports its vision of producing academically sound graduates and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among students.

Call for Registration

The university management now invites qualified students to express their interest in this program by registering through the Directorate of Entrepreneurship Studies.

Eligibility for the program hinges on the demonstrable and proven vocational skills that students can bring to the table.

Interested students are advised to act swiftly, as registration closes two weeks from the date of this notice.

The registration process has been simplified for the convenience of students. To register, students can follow the link https://bit.ly/oouworkstudy.

A Leap Forward

This initiative by OOU signifies a significant step towards ensuring that education remains accessible and affordable for all students.

It reinforces the university’s stance in empowering students with valuable skills, enhancing their academic journey, and ultimately, shaping their future for the better.

Against the backdrop of this milestone, OOU once again reaffirms its commitment to moulding students who are not successful academically but are also equipped with practical skills that can be deployed in the workforce.


With continued commitment and determination, OOU will continue to shape future professionals and contribute positively to Nigeria’s education system and the nation’s economic growth.

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