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Port Harcourt city, whose capital is Rivers state, is a city located in the South-South of Nigeria and regarded as the treasure base of the nation.

The term zip code means Zone improvement plan.

A Zipcode, also called a postal code, is assigned by the body responsible for a country’s postal services. In Nigeria, Postal codes for every region are assigned by Nigerian Postal services.

The essence of a postal or zip code is to enhance the quicker sending of mail. When a sender marks their mail or parcel with the recipient’s respective codes, the higher the speed involved in sending them.

While the terms zip codes and postal codes are often used interchangeably, the term zip code is more acceptable in the USA, while postal code is used when describing postal codes in Nigerian states.

Although each state of Nigeria has a specific postal code, her local government, districts, wards and towns have their specifically assigned postal codes.

For example, the postal code for Rivers State is  500001. Yet, within the city of Port Harcourt, there is a specific Port Harcourt zip code assigned to each district, ward and town.

Click here for a detailed categorization of postal codes in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Port Harcourt Zip Code -Classifications of Postal Codes in Port Harcourt

Diobu mile 1

Abba St.500262
Abakaliki St.500262
Abonnema Rd.500262
Afikpo St.500262
Agede St.500262
Akokwa St.500262
Awkuzu St.500262
Emenike St.500262
IkotEkpene St.500262
Ikwerre Rd.500262
Nanka St.500262
Niemanze St.500262
Nsukka St.500262
Obodu St.500262
Ogwa St.500262
Ojike St.500262
Okija St.500262
Orlu St.500262
Udi St.500262
Urualla St.500262
Uyo St.500262
Agip Rd.500262
Ebira Rd.500262
Epirikom St.500262
Express Way.500262
Road C500262
Road A500262
Road B500262
Uni Tech. Rd.500262

Diobu mile 2

LocationPostal code
Abel Jumbo St.500263
Adelabu St.500263
Anozie St.500263
Echua St.500263
Gambia St.500263
Ihidionma St.500263
Lumumba St.500263
Ojoto St.500263
Timber Rd.500263

 Old Township

Accra St.500242
Aggery St.500242
Ahoada St.500242
Asaba St.500242
Azikiwe Rd.500242
Banham St.500242
Barrack Rd.500242
Bathurst Rd.500242
Bende St.500242
Bernard Carr St.500242
Bonny St.500242
Bori St.500242
Brass St.500242
Church Hill Rd.500242
Creek Rd.500242
Crowther St.500242
Degema St.500242
Diobu St.500242
Elliot Henry St.500242
Enugu St.500242
Freetown St.500242
Henshaw St.500242
Hospital Rd.500242
Industry Rd.500242
IsaaBoro St.500242
Jos St.500242
Kano St.500242
Lagos St.500242
Market Rd.500242
Niger St St.500242
Okrika St St.500242
Opobo St St.500242
Paris Jones St St.500242
Sokoto St St.500242
Station (Okrika Rd)500242
Tokoradi St. St.500242
Victoria St. St.500242

 D – line

Agudama St.500261
Amaigbo St.500261
Asinobi St.500261
Emekuku St.500261
Ina Obasi St.500261
Kaduna St.500261
Khana St.500261
Mbonu St.500261
Okoroji St.500261
Omoku St.500261
Premabiri St.500261
Wogu St.500261

New layout

Bishop Johnson St.500243
Gapt. Amangala St.500243
Gelsthorpe St.500243
Ibadan St.500243
King Jaja St.500243
Moorehouse St.500243
Ndoki St.500243
Onitsha St.500243

Diobu mile 4

Customs and Ecise500265
National Council of women500265
Nursing school500265
Prisons Headquarters500265
Specialist Hospital500265


NTA Area500272
Rumu one500272

New G.R.A

Phase I500271
Phase II500271
Phase III500271
Epirikom Rd.500271
Ikegwuru Rd.500271
Ikwerre Rd.500271
Road C.500271
Rumuoluwuta Rd.500271

Port Harcourt rural areas

Rainbow Town500101


As seen above, a postal code consists of 6 digits. If you are in Port Harcourt and seek to access people in a specific area, following the postal code would fasten and ease the process for you.

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