Reasons Why You Should Study In Ireland

Ireland, a neighbouring country of the UK, is one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Over the last few years, it has emerged as a preferred destination for international students looking to study in Western Europe.

Why Make Ireland A Preferred Study Destination

Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe and has kept its reputation as one of the best destinations for international students looking for a place to study and live in peace.

Friendly Environment

One of the primary reasons Ireland is one of the best places for education is that it is safe and friendly. In 2010, this country was described as the friendliest country in the world by Lonely Planet.

Ireland has been ranked the third-most peaceful country in the world, according to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI) in 2022. Irish people are known for their hospitality, and it would be a great experience for you if you stayed with an Irish family as a guest.

English Language

Although Irish Gaelic is recognized as the official language of Ireland, only 36% of the Irish population speaks it, and the country is predominantly English.

You may have heard the Irish accent on TV or film, which may initially overwhelm you. But you will soon become accustomed to it, and living and studying in Ireland is a great way to improve your listening and speaking ability.

Ireland will pose no problem regarding language barriers if you are from an English-speaking country. Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the “Eurozone.” This is why most English-speaking students find it convenient to enroll in courses there.

They do not face communication barriers. It is more convenient for students to interact with each other and better understand each other.

As English is one of the most important business languages, multinational companies like Samsung, SAP, Nokia, and Microsoft make English their official language.

By studying in a truly international place like Ireland, you can compete with the world to get easily placed in any of the multinational countries.

The Education System Is Excellent

The Irish education system is one of the best in Europe (ranked among the top 20 for its higher education system by the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook in 2014.) It has close industry links and is characterized by creativity, flexibility, and pragmatism.

Education has been a key factor in making Ireland one of the fastest-growing economies in the world over the past decade.

If you are unsure if an Irish university will have the program you are looking for, don’t worry. Universities in Ireland offer degree programs in every possible discipline you can think of.

If you want to take advantage of programs in which the country excels globally, then pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and technology are the fields to pursue.

However long you pursue your education there, you are likely to find your credits will transfer to many other universities around the world, possibly even in your home country, where you can finish your degree.

Many of Ireland’s institutions of higher education are internationally ranked. There is something for almost every student with many strong programs (5000+) in various areas (medicine, science, technology, engineering, business, law, etc.).

The country provides extensive choices of courses. The higher education institutes have more than 5000 courses on offer. Science, technology, engineering, business, and law courses from all fields of education are available.

All types of degrees, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels, are available in the country for students to pursue.

Part-Time Jobs

Want to make some extra money or earn valuable work experience in an English-speaking environment while studying in Ireland? Students can work up to 20 hours during the semester and 40 hours during holidays.

For many students, earning money while studying abroad is very important. In Ireland, the government allows students to apply for a green card, also known as a work permit.

Many universities also provide internship opportunities to help students acquire practical experience in their field of study. Various study-abroad loans also help international students finance their education in Ireland.

If the prospect of working does not appeal to you, you may be able to apply for a scholarship to study abroad in Ireland. You will want to research financial aid options before applying to a particular program for the best results.


There are plenty of generous scholarship opportunities available in Ireland. For example, Trinity College Dublin offers bursaries worth €5,000, NCI Galway €2,000, and UCD provides 50% and 100% discounts on your tuition fees.

Irish Culture and History Are Unique

Did you know that Ireland only gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1922? However, Irish history stretches back much farther than that.

One of the oldest forts in the world is found in Ireland at Dún Aonghasa, built in 1100 B.C., and there are tombs – like those found at Listoghil – that date back to 3550 B.C.

If you have not yet had a chance to experience this island nation’s distinctive music, sports, and overall culture, then studying abroad provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Ireland is like a few places on Earth. Beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty, famous hospitality, rich music, drinking, and sports culture.

Did you know that there is one pub per 100 people in Dublin? Your main goal is to study hard, but letting your hair down is encouraged.

Ireland has a rich culture. So, to experience the creative cultural richness of the country, you must enroll in a course in the country.

It has been landing, which takes pride in the invention of nickel-zinc batteries, modern tractors, and guided missiles.

It is the land where many inventors were born. Music, song, food, and festival, Ireland has a unique culture that people should indulge in to know the country better.

Home To Big International Businesses

Ireland offers almost unrivalled options for students looking to find employment or work experience with huge international businesses relative to its size.

Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Dell all have offices here and often look to the universities for potential new employees.

Post-Study Visa

This makes it easier for students to look for job opportunities in the country after they graduate. Once they have found employment, they can apply for a green card/work permit.

In addition, the Irish government has also agreed to extend the ‘stay back option’ to two years from one year for non-EU/EEA students who study at level 9 or above in the national framework.

It Looks Great On A CV And Impresses Employers

If there is one thing that employers look for in a CV, it is life experience and skills. Studying abroad shows a willingness to learn and grow. It helps you open your mind to new ideas and work with others.

You can also meet all kinds of global contacts that will expand your professional network while you study abroad. Students who study abroad tend to be more independent and have excellent time management skills.

Ultimately, a study abroad experience will only likely work in your favor regarding job applications.

The Creation Of An Unforgettable Experience

More than anything, choosing to study abroad is just the beginning of an incredible and unforgettable experience that will be hard to match for the rest of your life.

And while Ireland and its people are sharing their culture with you, you are sharing yours with them. Many friendships and relationships you form while you study abroad, will stay with you for life.

Pursuing a higher education degree is a great accomplishment, but choosing to study abroad takes the college experience to an entirely new level. 

Ireland is a country where you can enjoy the nightlife to the fullest and various mouth-watering cuisines.

Ireland is also a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery. So, when you take a break from your studies, you can enjoy exploring this country.

There Is Always Something To See Or Do

Ireland is one of the few rare countries in the world that has managed to preserve its natural beauty despite its continuous progress and development.

This makes Ireland a great study-abroad destination for students who would like a combination of urban luxuries and the great outdoors. There are beautiful areas to explore, including the Cliffs of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway.

Are you interested in visiting a famous Irish pub? You do not have to travel far to find one. If you enjoy sports, you will probably want to inquire about Gaelic football, hurling, and snooking, among the other sporting events available.

If you are a fan of healthy eating, you can enjoy the many farmer’s markets found all over the country – including college campuses. It is safe to say you will never feel bored while you study abroad in Ireland.


The Republic of Ireland is one of the world’s most affluent, developed, and happiest nations.

The Country is beautiful, and there are thousands of reasons Why you should study in Ireland; look through the reasons above and enjoy your studies in Ireland.


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