School Of Health Technology, Alkaleri Admissions For 2024/2025 Academic Session

In a recent announcement sure to excite prospective health and technology students, the School of Health Technology, Alkaleri, has opened admissions for the 2024/2025 academic session.

 Candidates across the country interested in pursuing a career in health technology are encouraged to apply.

Comprehensive Programme Offerings

As part of its commitment to fostering a cadre of skilled health professionals, the School of Health Technology, Alkaleri offers a comprehensive range of programmes:

  • Diploma in Environmental Health Technician
  • National Diploma in Epidemiology and Disease Control
  • National Diploma in Public Health
  • Diploma in Community Health Extension Workers
  • Certificate in Junior Community Health Extension Workers
  • Diploma in X-ray Technician
  • Diploma in Pharmacy Technician
  • Diploma in Health Information Technician
  • Diploma in Health Education and Promotion

Each programme is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the health technology field. They reflect the school’s commitment to producing highly competent and industry-ready professionals.

Method of Application: Online or In-Person

Potential candidates can submit their applications either online or in person:

Online Application:

Candidates who prefer to apply online can visit the College’s website at The website is designed to provide a seamless application process.

In-Person Application:

Alternatively, prospective students who wish to apply in person can obtain application forms from the School premises along GGAC Alkaleri, L.G.A Bauchi State, Nigeria.

Prospective students are urged to take advantage of this opportunity to study at one of Nigeria’s premier health technology institutions.

The School of Health Technology, Alkaleri, is renowned for its commitment to providing a high standard of education, and its graduates are well-regarded in the health technology industry.

Begin your journey to a fulfilling career in health technology by applying for admission into the School of Health Technology, Alkaleri, for the 2024/2025 academic session. Your path to success starts here.


This is an excellent opportunity for students seeking quality education and looking forward to building a strong foundation in their respective fields.

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