School of Health Technology, Minna Releases Entrance Exam Results for 2024/2025 Academic Session

The School of Health Technology, Minna, has announced the release of its entrance examination results for the 2024/2025 academic session.

This information was made known in a statement released by the institution. As stated, all candidates who participated in the entrance examination can now check their scores online via the school’s official website.

How to Access Your Results

  • To access the entrance exam results, candidates must visit the official school website.
  • Upon arrival at the portal, candidates should log in using their application and phone numbers.
  • Once logged in, they should click the “My Entrance Result” button to view their scores.

Understanding Your Score

Candidates need to understand how their scores were calculated. The entrance exam score is calculated as a percentage of the total score, which is a summation of individual scores in English, Mathematics, and Biology.

For instance, if a candidate achieved 60, 40, and 40 in Mathematics, English and Biology, respectively, the total score would sum up to 140.

Subsequently, the entrance exam score is calculated as a percentage of the total attainable score, which in this case is 600.

Hence, using the example above, the entrance exam score would be calculated as (140/600) * 100% = 23.3%.

For any further inquiries, candidates are advised to contact the school’s administration through the official contact channels available on the website. Best of luck to all candidates!


The School of Health Technology, Minna, has made the 2024/2025 entrance exam results available online.

Candidates are urged to visit the official school website and follow the instructions to check their scores.

Understanding how these scores are calculated is crucial for comprehensively understanding the results.

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