10+ School Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

School Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

The school secretary is probably the most vital and influential globally. The scope of the obligation and the variety of tasks take ordinary secretarial work to another level.

Starting with answering calls and responding to a general information requests, all the way to enrolling new students and taking care of essential activities, you will never be bored on any given day on the job.

In addition, you will connect with all stakeholders from the school district, from students and their parents to teachers, education administrators, and supervisors.

To succeed in an interview for this job, you must make the best possible impression of yourself and outclass your competitors. This post will introduce you to 10+ School Secretary Interview Questions and Answers.

10+ School Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

Here we’ll be introducing you to 10+ possible questions you can be asked at an interview for a School Secretary role.

Why Do You Want to Work as a School Secretary?

Try to focus on two things in your answer. First, a variety of skills — typing fast, excellent communication skills, conflict resolution, versatility, etc. They need to believe you have what it takes to be a good school secretary, which includes the right personality for the job.

Second, is your choice of role in education. For example, some secretary positions (medical or legal secretary) pay better than the school secretary’s job.

You understand the vital role of education in the life of every single child, hence your choice for this role.

Do not forget to speak with enthusiasm. Your potential employers should understand that this is not just one of the many secretarial discussions on your list. Instead, you want to be the school’s secretary and do your best to make it happen.

What Computer Software Are You Well Versed In?

This question is asked to gauge your capabilities in handling computer software related to your job description. For example, you’ll work with computers and software as a secretary.

You should detail the extent of your experience with each software and the kind of jobs you’ve successfully carried out using it.

What Type of Documents and Reports Have You Put Together?

This question aims to test your documents and reports organizational skills.

You should:

  • Give examples of the reports and documents you have put together
  • Give details of the steps involved in putting them together
  • Focus on the level of responsibility you were presented with and the complex nature of the documents and reports
  • Explain in detail the methods you used to transmit and circulate communications

How Do You Plan and Keep Track of Meetings and Appointments?

This question is to test your scheduling skills.

You should:

  • Give details on the steps you have used to plan activities and maintain calendars.
  • Explain the follow-up methods you have put in place.

What is your Organizational Skill level?

High organizational and planning skills are essential for the demanding nature and number of duties a school secretary should perform.

When you answer, focus on the following:

  • Confirming deadlines.
  • The urgency and importance of every task.
  • Calculating how long each task will take.
  • Using available resources in planning task completion.

What Do You Do to Avoid Making Mistakes in Your Work?

You should focus on your management skills when answering this question. As a secretary, you must know how to avoid mistakes.

What Is Your Relevant Working Experience?

Any administrative or clerical office job is a worthwhile experience. The key is to explain how your previous roles prepared you for this.

For example, you could mention the tasks you should have taken care of in your last job, especially if they are related to the tasks in their job description. Any experience from the school environment is also beneficial.

And what should you do if you do not have the right skills to work? You may be able to get a job sometimes if you show excellent communication skills and assure them of your ability to handle all your tasks.

You need to read the job description carefully, and even though you have no formal experience, you might still have what it takes to handle each task.

How Do You Imagine a Typical Day in This Job?

Two key points to remember: show how fast you are at work and talk about different tasks. A job description will help you identify the jobs you can say and try to say at least five or six.

Another option is to talk about your general day idea: Arrive at 7 am, before students do, and check emails, voicemails, and schedule for the day. Then start working on your tasks, be it preparing other reports, arranging appointments for managers, or anything else that needs your attention.

The calls will come, and you will answer them in a friendly and professional manner. Soon, you will have lunch and return to work in the afternoon with everything prepared for the next day.

Have You Worked on Multiple Tasks Simultaneously?

This is a behavioural question; you should talk about the past — at work or school.

However, the most important thing is to show (with the help of the situation you decide to report) that you like to have a specific system in your work, perhaps a list of important things for each task, and work properly.

You can talk about other priorities, such as working full-time on a day-to-day job or FIFO style (first entry, first exit), by simply taking care of one task after another.

As a Secretary, What Are Your Strengths?

The interviewer wants to know the strengths that relate to this position.

You should:

  1. State at least two strengths that are relevant to this job
  2. Prove that you have what it takes to perform this job effectively

What Are Some Skills You Think a School Secretary Should Have?

Hiring managers can ask this question to ensure you know what skills the position requires.

Try to include the right skills you have in your answer to show that you are meeting the qualifications.

You can include organizational skills, time management, and communication skills.


To wrap up, interviewers can create their system of negotiating the school secretary position. These 10+ School Secretary Interview Questions and Answers will help in your preparation for your interview.

Be relaxed, and don’t try too hard to make an impression. If you have any questions, we’ll happily hear from you in the comment section below.

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