Sure Way To apply for a Kenya Student visa in Nigeria


A student who wants to study in any Kenyan institution must obtain a student visa.

A Kenya student visa allows a foreigner to stay legally in the country to learn for a certain period, usually the duration of the study program.

Any Nigerian willing to study in Kenya must apply for a Kenya student visa in Nigeria. The next step after securing admission into any institution in Kenya is to apply for a Kenya student visa from Nigeria.

Kenya visa requirements for Nigeria citizen

Some conditions must be met to apply for a Kenya student visa in Nigeria.  You will be required to submit some documents thoroughly examined by the immigration officer in charge. 

Applicants are advised to present valid, properly filled, and honest documents to facilitate the speedy processing of Visa applications. 

You are to note that false information or error of any kind might lead to visa denial.  The following documents are required when you apply for a Kenya student visa in Nigeria.

A Signed and Stamped Application Form 30

Applicants applying for a Kenya student visa in Nigeria must present this essential document.

The institution’s authorized personnel must issue the application form 30, and must be properly signed and stamped.  This form will be needed at the end of the application for a student pass.

Detailed and Signed Cover Letter

Another essential document needed is a detailed and signed cover letter addressed to the director of immigration services from your choice institution showing your intended course of study and the duration.

A Valid Nigerian Passport

Applicants applying for a Kenya student visa in Nigeria must present their Passports. The international passport must be valid for 6 months and contain at least one free visa page.

Two Passport-sized Color Photographs

Two recent passport-sized photographs are part of the requirement for anyone who wants to apply for a Kenya student visa from Nigeria. The passport photograph presented must be taken according to specifications.

Signed Copies of Basic Academic Certificates

Those applicants furthering their studies in Tertiary institutions must present a duly certified copy of their academic certificates.

Proof of Funds

Students not on scholarship will be required to present documents showing that they are financially capable of footing all their bills throughout their studies.

Other documents that must be presented when you apply for a Kenya student visa in Nigeria are as follows:

A signed letter of commitment from the sponsor.

Consent letter from the parent, especially for minors.

Copy the school/college registration certificate from the Ministry of Education.

Birth certificate and parent’s national passport for minors.

How to Apply for a Kenya Student Visa in Nigeria

To apply for a Kenya student visa from Nigeria, there are some steps you are required to follow. 

The steps required to apply for a Kenya visa in Nigeria will be given in this section using a step-by-step approach. This will help you understand the information being passed across. 

The steps required to apply for a Kenya student visa in Nigeria are given below:

  • Visit the Kenya visa application website and create an account.
  • Click on eVisa visitor.
  • Create a visitor account and supply all the information required.
  • Confirm your email and proceed with your application; choose the department of the immigration office and submit.
  • Select the type of Visa you are applying for and fill out the application form correctly.
  • The next stage is the payment of the visa fee online.  You can pay your Visa fee online through your Visa Card, MasterCard, or any other credit/debit card.
  • Wait for the approval mail to be sent to your mail, and download and print your E-visa from your email.
  • You must ensure that you have both the soft copy and the hard copy of your E-Visa for presentation anytime it is required by the immigration officers at the port entry to Kenya.

Kenya Consulate in Nigeria – Abuja, Lagos?

The Lagos Consular Office is at UBA Building, First Floor, No. 22B Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island. While the High Commission Office is situated at No. 35, Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District, Abuja.


I hope you find this article on how to apply for a Kenyan visa helpful for all students who wish to study in Kenya.

We at RealMina wish you, students, good luck in all your academic pursuits.

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