Switzerland Student Visa Requirement in Nigeria

In this article, listed are the step by steps and easiest ways you can get your Switzerland Student Visa in Nigeria.

Switzerland Student Visa  Requirement in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian Student who desires to pursue your academics in Switzerland? Then it would be best if you read this article immediately. As you learn how to obtain your Switzerland student visa in Nigeria, scroll down.

Switzerland Overview

Let’s say you wish to apply for a student visa to Switzerland from Nigeria. You’ll need to apply for a National Visa D in such a situation. People who desire to stay in Switzerland for longer than 90 days are awarded the national visa D, which allows for a prolonged stay.

Why You Should Study In Switzerland

  • Switzerland is home to two world-renowned universities and other well-equipped schools.
  • Education in some Swiss schools is cheap compared to the tuition fees of other European schools.
  • Holders of Switzerland student visas can work 15 hours/week while school is in session. During the holidays, students can work for as long as they want.
  • One of the safest nations in the world is Switzerland.
  • This country has many tourist attractions and sceneries. This is ideal for students who love adventures and exploring new places.
  • Studying in Switzerland will allow you to connect with people of different cultures. In addition, the variety of people residing in Switzerland also makes this country ideal for people who would like to join social and work networking.
  • French, German and Italian are spoken in Switzerland, but some universities have their courses taught in the English language.


Nigerians who have gained admission into a school in Switzerland and have the relevant documents can apply for a Switzerland student visa in Nigeria.

How to Apply for Switzerland Student Visa in Nigeria: Step by Step

Apply for Admission

Before applying for a Switzerland Student visa in Nigeria, you must first contact the school you would like to attend and use to study in the school. You will have to send your academic certificates to the school as well as a statement.

Gather Documents

After you have received your admission letter, gather all the relevant documents. You should also download and fill out the visa application form. After filling out the form, sign it before submitting it.

Book a Visa Appointment and Pay the Fee

You can get the cost of your visa application by contacting the embassy. Before attending your visa appointment, you must pay this charge.

Go to Your Appointment

Arrive early for your visa appointment. Your documents will be turned in, and your biometric information will be recorded while you are at the embassy. You might be interrogated and asked for additional documentation.

Collect Your Documents and Visa:

After the appropriate processing time, you must pick up your documents and visa.

You must apply for a Switzerland Student visa in Nigeria at least six months before the school you wish to attend resumes for the session.

Switzerland Student Visa Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

Before you can be seen as eligible to apply for a Switzerland student visa in Nigeria, you will need the documents listed below.0

Your International Passport

After processing your visa application, your passport must remain valid for at least a year. Two blank pages in the passport must also be available to issue your visa.

Passport Photographs

You will need four recent passport photographs. The photo’s backdrop should be white and should not have been taken more than three months before your visa application.

A Completed National Visa D Application Form

Please fill out this document honestly and sign it before submitting the document.

Copies of Previous Visas/Refusals

If you have been approved for the United States, Canadian, and United Kingdom visa, attach copies of the visa or letter of approval if any of the above-stated countries have denied you a visa, including the refusal letter.

Cover Letter

State your travel history and list all the places you have travelled.

The Bio-Data Page From Your International Passport

You should make precise copies of this page.

Bank Statement

A month should not have passed since this remark was made. It should demonstrate that you have enough money in your bank account to cover your first year’s tuition, lodging, and living expenses in Switzerland.

You must supply your parent’s or guardian’s bank statement and tax documents if they are paying your tuition or living expenses. You will also want copies of your sponsor’s birth certificate and passport.

Sponsorship Letter

Submit A letter from your sponsor stating their obligation to pay your tuition and other living costs. Your sponsor’s signature should be on this letter.

Your Birth Certificate,

submit the certificate of your birth indicating your year and place of birth.

Admission Letter

Letter of admission from the school in which you have enrolled. This letter should show your course of study and the location of the school you will be attending.

Payment Receipt

You need A receipt showing full or partial payment of your tuition fees.

Motivation Letter

Submit a letter in writing that you plan to visit Switzerland. Your request for a student visa to study in Switzerland should be supported by this letter.

A declaration promising to leave Switzerland after your education should also be included. This letter should include your intended departure date from Switzerland.

Previous Academic Certificates

Submit your Documents that show your previous academic qualification. TOEFL, SAT, WAEC, NECO, First degree, and diploma.

Visa Fee Receipt

A receipt that proves you have paid the visa application fee to apply for a Switzerland student visa in Nigeria.

A Copy of your Resume

You must make two photocopies of each document you intend to submit.


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