Tanzania Student Visa Requirements And Procedure

Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most respected institutions, including the University of Dar es Salaam and the International Medical and Technological University.

Currently, Tanzania has a total of twenty-six universities, and this attests to the priority placed on Education, both by the government and investors, in the country.

Tanzania is fast becoming an important center for quality research-based learning, innovation, and creativity. On a quest for economic and social advancement, it would appear as though Tanzania chose education as her fasted route.

Why study in Tanzania?

These are the top five reasons you should:

Fine climate, beautiful topography, and beautiful vegetation.

Hospitable, warm, and friendly people.

Accredited courses and universities of international standard.

An atmosphere of peace, devoid of insecurity and crisis.

An aura of creativity and innovation.

Tanzania Visa Requirements

To apply for a Tanzania student visa in Nigeria, the following documents will be required before the visa application is approved:

A valid international passport.

An accurately filled Tanzanian visa application form.

Two recent white background passport-sized photographs.

Tanzanian nonrefundable visa application fees.

Admission letter from the Tanzanian university stating the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements for admission and has been offered admission or placement in the institution.

Evidence shows adequate financial resources to cover the time of studies at the university. A bank statement of six months can be used.

Airline return tickets (optional).

A letter stating the reason for your visit to Tanzania, and the address of your accommodation, with additional information regarding the duration of your stay.

Travel itinerary should contain information like hotel reservation, accommodation, hotel booking, etc.

Certificate of marriage/ children’s birth certificate (if any).

Yellow fever vaccination card.

Copies of Registration certificate/ National identity number/ National identity card.

Visa rejection note from other embassies (if applicable).

Any other adjunct documents that may be requested for submission at the embassy.

How to Apply for a Tanzania Student Visa

For your application for a Tanzania Student visa in Nigeria to be approved, you must know the procedures and how the visa application process is organized.

The information below will guide you in applying for a Tanzania Student visa in Nigeria.

Ensure all the required documents listed above are up to date and accurate enough. This will underscore your eligibility for the visa application.

Be prepared to meticulously sort and arrange the needed paperwork to safeguard against misplacement.

Tanzanian visa application forms must be duly completed and carefully skimmed through in case of error, whether at the embassy or through an online application platform.

Visa application fee payment is compulsory for all applicants. If you are applying for an eVisa, payment will be made online. Payment at the embassy is also another option.

Applicants are not required to book visa appointments.

Visa application by proxy is allowed in some cases.

Payment of visa fee is not refundable; applicants will not be refunded, regardless of the outcome of the application process.

Application for a Tanzanian student visa in Nigeria can no longer be made at the point of entry into Tanzania. Ensure you make a visa application in Nigeria before departure.

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications earlier so that visas can be processed in the shortest period possible.

The allotted time for visa application is 9.00 am – 12 noon, Monday to Friday, while submission time is from 2.30 pm – 3.00 pm.

Tanzania embassy located in Nigeria

The Tanzania embassy in Nigeria is situated at No 21, Yedseram Street, Close to IGP Residence, Maitama, Abuja.


For students wishing to study in Tanzania, we hope you find this article helpful and that you will consider all the tips mentioned above on getting a student visa.

Congratulations and best wishes in your academic journey.

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